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Is something wrong with the iOS app?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I downloaded the app to set all of this up, but when it was asking to pick a SIM it was only giving me the option to order a physical SIM card, and I'm switching to Public Mobile specifically for eSIM.

I tried completing the subscription on their webpage at my computer, which it gave me the option for eSIM, so I selected that and entered my IMEI to confirm that it's compatible, which it said it's compatible with everything (iPhone 15 Pro Max).

Completed the purchase, card was charged, told me to use the app to complete the activation, which now the app says to activate so I hit that and it tells me my device isn't compatible..

Anyone else having issues with this? I tried contacting support and it literally just tells me no one is available and the "Agent Disconnects" from the chat almost immediately.

I submitted a ticket but haven't heard anything back yet. Felt like reaching out here to see if anyone else is having issues on iOS with eSIM cause this phone is very much compatible, I've tried redownloading the app, hard resetting the iPhone, it's the same thing every time and I can't find a way to get the eSIM QR code so I can manually add it in the iOS Settings like you would do with other carriers.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Okay, this would make sense then as to why it's not working so it's probably just a bug or something, kind of stupid that there's no way to get a manual setup QR code though. Forcing to use an app that clearly doesn't work is a pretty bad first impression lol

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm on iOS 17.5.1 and the email just says to download the app to complete activation, there's no actual QR code to set it up manually, and when I login with the app it says the phone is not eSIM compatible when it clearly is, as well as on my laptop, it won't let me do anything other than telling me to download the app to activate the eSIM.

Mayor / Maire


Is your iPhone 15 Pro Max updated to iOS 17.5.1?

If you registered with an eSIM there should be an QR code sent to your registered email for a manual activation of your eSIM.


Mayor / Maire


They just did some upgrades to the app and there may be some related issues. 

FYI there is no "real time chat" as the only thing you can do is create a ticket and wait up to 48 hours to get a reply. This is the service that Public Mobile offers.

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