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Mayor / Maire

As you all know (or for those who don't), Public Mobile doesn't issue any invoices when you pay, nor give you any receipts. In the past, I never had any need for invoices until the past couple of years when I started to do some freelancing at the side. Since then, I started to need invoices. I read once that if you needed an invoice, you had to ask the moderator team. 

It does take up to 30 days for them to do this. So, instead of asking monthly invoices once a month—to make life easier on them, I only ask once a year for income tax purposes (and life is also easier for the one doing the income tax forms, the accountant and Revenue Canada!). 

Public Mobile will send you a weird file, an xps file extension. Because am on Mac, I had a heck of a time to figure how to do this. And I found this great tip on opening and viewing this file. And save it as a PDF if need be:

Opening the .XPS file in a google email account is what is needed. So, send an email to yourself in Gmail and when you get it, click on the attachment and it should open in a viewer pop-up box. Don't download it, as it will still download as an XPS file. Once in the viewer, click the print document icon in the upper window toolbar and it can be saved as a PDF file to your Mac at that point. Or you can just print multiple copies for yourself, the taxman or the business expenses account. 


But, if you are lucky enough, the person who may be emailing you the invoice to you, will do it for you, and save you a PDF. In my case, @Andreea_O  sent me a PDF, and I didn't need to go look for how to save it as a PDF. Thanks, Andreea for sending the invoice for me!



Mayor / Maire

@mpcdesign This is a fantastic idea! I thought, I have to ask invoices every month. Thanks! Will do your way for my next year taxesSmiley Happy

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks, just the information that I needed.