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Incomplete Usage Report

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I applaud the "new" self-serve portal that PM has created ... when it works (it seems like a LOT of people are having troubles with it getting error 404 when trying to get to the "My Account" page.) In many ways, it is a major step up from the old site.


I have found, though, a bug in the "Usage History" page. If you only select a time period, all usage for that period will be displayed. However, if you specify a "Usage Type" filter, the time period specified is completely ignored and it only searches the last 7 days. As a result, I am forced to download all available Usage History and filter with Excel. Still, just being able to download the Usage History is a major step up from the previous site!


Mayor / Maire

@TP626   Yup, I have made a post about how to "properly" use the Usage report and filter (more like a workaround before PM will fix it).  :


but you are correct, it is easier to just download it and filter with Excel instead


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The only option for downloading appears to be "here is all of the data that we have, unfiltered for date or usage type". There is no mechanism for downloading just the last 7 days or only Outgoing Calls, etc. What would be handy would be for there to be an option in the Time period filter for "this billing cycle" so you don't have to look at start date under Current Plan Cycle on the My Account page and then use that date in the Custom Range Date filter!


While I'm asking for things that will never happen (don't be like Micro$oft which prioritizes features over bugs; let's fix the huge glitches and bugs first, guys!), I want to suggest that either filtering for Call that count as Minutes against your plan or maybe column in the results which indicates which count.

Mayor / Maire

Indeed @TP626 ,  they can't seem to get everything right all of the time.


Could you try downloading the longer time period (90-180 days using custom search) then using the program to sort the particular set of data you wish to review?


This may save you from multiple downloads of 7-day periods.


EDIT:   🤔  oops.... seems that's what you've already resorted to doing, @TP626 .

Mayor / Maire

@TP626 hi yes welcome to the club lol ,if only it worked as intended it would be a big improvement,can only hope they will work out some of the bugs.