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I forgot my email to access my account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I forgot my account email so I can not enter my account to change my plan

I know my number 


Mayor / Maire


Have you ever created a My Account before? If not and you are a current customer (have been active within 90 days and have not ported out to another provider), you can submit a ticket here to: Create My Account or forgot My Account email or password link


Or, find Public Mobile Representatives customer support­­­ agents (CSA) contact methods here:

Mayor / Maire


If you used the same email address as on this Community when you activated in June 18, 2021. Just click on your avatar on the top right then go to My Settings. There you will find the email address.

If that is not the email you used then you need to contact a CS_Agent (Moderator) by submitting a ticket on SIMon Chatbot or private message on the envelope icon and they will get back to you tomorrow as their hours are 6:00am to 10:00pm EST.


It seems the website is currently under maintenance so you can’t login to your account tonight.