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Dear Public Mobile

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Dear Public Mobile,


I just wrote you a letter about things which are weird and fun facts.

Let's start with the fact that i've been with Public Mobile Since Feb 2010. Since Opening.

I always look forward to new improvment and things. I can see that things moving forward with this company and it's great. Sad part is that PM it's compare itself with low tear company as Chat-R and so one.

Since you guys have No Store, No Phone, and ofc you do not have thousand of employee why don't you make a Custom Plan which it's always avaible. Something like for 180-190$ Unlmited Canada Wide-Province Wide and 8-10 GB of LTE ?

Last of the most. I don't know where you guys are based. But in Toronto . 2 out of 3 Buses run Public Mobile Ads. Every 2 bus stop is a Public Mobile Ads. The TTC Subway is flooded with Ads.  


May i ask why don't you make a great plan and keep it that way ? rather than spend millions on Advertisment ?

I have couple of referal as well. So don't you think that if you bring a great plan i will definitely tell them to upgrade as well. That's how good deals works. From Friend to friend. No Need to advertise or crazy stuff.


Best Regards

Ionut A




Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@Ionut  I agree no need to advertise a lot. Make great plans and people will come... The 12gb/$120 fall promo showed that. There were lineups at sim giveaways...


if you build it they will come.


advertising won't get people to switch without an offer. the bus ads say this bus is full of new friends or something. If it said $40/4gb or better more people may come.

@Ionut, i feel exactly the same way.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hey. I'm on the new plans. 120$ for 12 gb. The most ridiculous part is the fact that I've been called 18 time in 3 weeks to move to kodoo. I've installed an app calles truecaller and identify phone numbers. Whenever i see a kodoo tech/ sale i block the number. I have 5 referal on the same plan as i do. And guess what they get huge amount of calls and text messages to move to kodoo. Also. Walking arouns Eton Center Downtown Toronto near by some phone boutique, wireless etc. Looking to see what phone have. They asked me what carrier I have and when i told them that I'm with Public Mobile immediately said that there's a new deal for PM user to switch to Kodoo. For 40$ get 6 gb of lte and canada wide. Really Telus? 

I started out knowing about Public Mobile only via internet searches.  Happened across the WhistleOut website, and they showed every carrier available in Canada, and asked what you needed, then showed plans from all carriers that had what was desired.


I came to Public just after the loss of the 90/$90 plan, and just before the Fall 2016 Promo.


When that Fall 2016 was made available, it was gold!  It should still be available, or at least in some fashion at a reasonable cost for new subscribers.


@Ionut, your patronage is exemplary.  Hopefully you are not on a legacy plan so that you can participate in the rewards.  Anyway, your points about offering plans that are so good that they sell themselves is well taken.  From what has transpired in the recent months, the strategy that Telus has for this service appears to be that of bringing new customers in the door.  The final destination for these customer are at Koodo.  That being the case, some of these big gig plans may be reserved for Koodo. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Great point people are much more likely to sign up if they are referred than if they see an ad. It is much easier to refer people if they offer the best prices. 

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