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Changing APN settings

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

On my galaxy s9 when I try to change my APN settings I get the message APN settings not available for this user or something like that.  How can I get around it to change them


Mayor / Maire

So you can view all the settings but you can't edit them? Do you have a + (plus) symbol up top that would let you add an apn?

Is your mobile data not working? Maybe you could screenshot what you have and provide them here.

The other sim mentioned is from Freedom.

Lastly, support has a method of texting you the apn.


@Tom-boretos420 There was a certain Android version that didn't allow changing APN settings. Try updating to newer Android version and see if that fixes it. If your phone is not compatible to get anymore updates, you might be out of luck. In some cases, APN editing worked when inserted different sim card. 

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