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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good day!

I currently have a plan for Public Mobile I tried to avail the ESIM to upgrade my plan to 10GB to 30GB but It showing that I have already to Phone numbers. I’m I going to pay only one bill or it will be two different bills? If I’m going to pay 2 bills how can I cancel my old public mobile plan? 


Mayor / Maire


How old is your original account? ( 10gb plan) Does it earn $$ rewards or Public Points? Do you want to keep the phone #?  If you have a $$ rewards account it's best to keep it or allow someone to take it over rather than cancel it. Phone. #'s are generally non-transferable between accounts. You can also suspend for up to 88/89 days so that you only need to pay for one account's services at a time allowing for a little overlap in 30 day service.

You can schedule a change plan on next renewal for your original plan in your account. Either to a larger data plan or to a lower priced plan like the $15 plan.

I actively seek rewards accounts for low and fixed income individuals if you wish to  "pay it forward" with your original account feel to contact me via private message . 😀


Mayor / Maire

@Damrong  ESIM is only for new activations not existing customers for now at least . So your best to just change plan for next renewal and not immediately or you will lose $ on your current cycle . If you created a second account by accident you can contact support to get it straightened out 

private message   To CS_Agents click          

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