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Cannot make calls from cell

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a Samsung Galaxy A51 Android version 13 and this is my 1st cell phone ever!

I have connected to my Wifi and can text but I cannot call anyone? 

I bought the phone brand new from BestBuy and a SIM card from Public Mobile.

Can you help me.  Thanks


Mayor / Maire


Try rebooting your phone by powering off then back on and see if that works.

Mayor / Maire

@OLDMAN68  Best Buy is listing unlocked A51 refurbished or open box from a Best Buy Marketplace seller.  Are you sure it was brand new, maybe open box?

Mayor / Maire


do you see the phone connects to Public Mobile network?

if you just got the phone, check if the phone is blacklisted

if it is clean, can you confirm you just joined Public Mobile? if so, it might be a problem with account setup, message support agent to check

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