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Can't top up my add-on

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm not able to top up my US Data Roaming add-on. I tried in the app an it just credited my account instead of actually adding the add-on in the app. On the browser it just doesn't show up as an option at all. I need this add-on immediately. 




Known glitch in the US add on purchasing. Need to wait for the full 15 days to expire before you can purchase the same add on.  You will need to submit a ticket for customer service agent to manually purchase the same add on for you. Click on the chat icon on the right lower corner of the website and follow prompts to submit a ticket.  

BTW, which base plan are you on presently?  You might want to consider a switch to the $34 50 GB US Can plan that offers US roaming.  If you travel to US often, this plan is very popular.  

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