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Can't access/create my self serve account

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I ported my number two days ago from Telus. I got an error during the very last step. There was a lot of confusing emails, like one asking me to verify my self serve account, which I did. Yet I cannot log in to my self serve account, cannot create a new one for my number (it says "The phone number entered is invalid or you may have created your profile already. If you've forgotten your password, please click here."), and cannot reset password (it says "Sorry, we’re unable to verify your email address.").

If I click on the verification link in email public sent to me I get "A validation email has already been sent to your acount") 


I sent an email to support and assumed everythign failed since when I put in the PM sim card it said No Service and when I put in Telus it worked fine. Support got back to me saying:


"Actually, you have not registered for self-serve or activated the SIM Card just yet. You will need to go to  and activate the SIM Card and by the same occasion create your account."


I tried doing as they said and it kept failing saying "Invalid SIM". So I assumed something went wrong and stopped trying (since Telus worked fine).


Today however, Telus says my account is cancelled and if I put in their sim card it says No Service. If I put in PM sim, it says Public Mobile (so I assume my number is not lost). But I cannot make calls or text, it says your plan has no talk/texting on it. I still cannot create/login/reset password as described above. I sent an email to support with the update. I need my phone 😞 What should I do?


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Same issue..

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@Loreeone, Click on the envelope icon(next to your profile icon/avatar), then find the message you want to reply to.  Click on the subject of the message, which will then show you the full message.  You should see a Reply button at the bottom right of the message. Click that, type your message, and then click Send Message.

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How am I to re reply to a private message from you?

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I set up profile yesterday, ported phone no., from telus, chose my plan then tried to pay and error code saying activation failed.  Contact PM.  I sent an email, I also tried to go through the process again, and SIM card now says not valid.  Expect the same thing will happen with my telus sim.  Right now my PM sim says no service.

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Retraité / Retired

Hello @DanaHarley,


Welcome to Public Mobile!


I am sorry to hear that your first experience was not the best. I will help you sort this all out!


Kindly reply to my private message so we can troubleshoot this 🙂







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