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Can i set notification when my data is low

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

i see that iphone reset counter is good but still i have to do it manually every 30 days and when to reset as i have activated my line last week. 


Can i set notification from public when i am low on data lets say 10-20% left so i slow down until my next renewal date of refill data 2GB



 I have an android phone but essentially your data tracker works the same as does your data saver. Make sure you enable both and turn off your wifi assist. I reset my data tracker at renewal once I see my data reset in my account (about midnite et.) I set my data warning at 25% of my data and the limiter at 50%. This way if an app goes crazy I get plenty of warning before it can chew thru 5 gb or more ( it saved me from doing that last month!)


After setting up those tools in your phone go to your mobile data usage for the list of all of your apps. Turn off all of your background data. If you can turn it off you don't need it. This can save you up to 38% of your data. Periodically check these as sometimes they turn back on?!!  Remember to turn SMS/MMS on as unlike iMessage they don't use your plan data.


Welcome to public mobile!


BTW.... don't do a speed test in the first 48 hours until your 4G LTE data is throttled down to 3mbps otherwise you can use up to 500mb performing  just one test.

Mayor / Maire

Hello @Sadia-Din 


"Public Mobile sends you a text message when you've used 75% and 95% of the data included in your plan. If you try to use something that requires data when you’ve reached your data limit, you will be directed to Self-Serve. Once signed into Self-Serve, you can review your usage and, if you’d like to continue to have access to data, you can purchase a data Add-On here too."


NOTE: if you have 2GB + an addon of 1GB = 3GB.  The 75% and 95% message is based on your total in your account at the time, so it would 75% and 95% on 3GB.


More info. for you here:



EDIT: check for IOS apps that you can download for 30 day plans and adjust notifications as needed. I think this is one: