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Quick tip when having calling or data issues with your iPhone

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Retraité / Retired

Is your iPhone giving you issues?


Basic troubleshooting steps that can resolve most of your issues with your iPhone is to reset the network settings! How do we do that?


->Go to Settings

->Go to General

->Go to Reset

->Choose Reset network settings


iPhone reset.JPG

The screen will go black and you will see the apple icon. Your phone will reboot and Voila everything should be good to go!


Please make sure you configure your APN settings for Public Mobile after you have completed the above.




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So I thought for the fun of it @Jeremy_M I would do that to see what happens. It rolled everything back to Koodo except the cellular data. I bought my iPhone 5s outright two months ago at a Telus store.

That that was a little odd but I was on Koodo before going to public and still have that sim going in a different phone.

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^ The Reason why it Rolled back to Koodo is because PM is not an official Partner with Apple.

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Retraité / Retired



Great point, when you reset the network settings, it will remove WiFi and APN settings you originally had configured back to its virgin state. Therefor you are correct to say that you would have to re-configure your APN settings to work with Public Mobile.


Also @chukdefatey handsets and their APN settings are pre-configured from the mobile company you purchased your phone from. So when resetting it's goes back to factory settings.