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Launching ready-made plans + more!

Hey Community,


We’ve made some changes to our plans page, activation portal and Self-Serve portal, with the goal of making it easier for you to activate, renew and understand your plan.


Before we get into the details, we would like to say a big thank you to @imm1304, @TheOldVR and @BrrMcGrr for helping shape the development of these systems improvements. Your insight was super helpful and informed a lot of our decisions! Would you like to be a part of shaping the next systems development? Comment on this thread, and we’ll note you down as the first to contact.


Update #1- Removal of the Discount Column in our Plan Builder

As of January 15th, we removed the discount column and individual service prices from our plan builder in both the Self-Serve and activation portals. These changes were made to reduce customer confusion and ultimately create a more seamless plan-building experience. Although these elements will no longer be visible, rest assured that our rate plans will continue to provide the value you've come to love!



Update #2- Launch of Ready-Made Plans

Today marks the launch of our ready-made plans. These are popular plans that include talk, text and data options that we know our customers love. You can find them by checking out our Plans and Promotions pages, as well as through Self-Serve and the activation portal. Ready-made options help take the work out of choosing a plan, allowing for an easier and faster activation and renewal process. If the ready-made plans aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, have no fear, you can continue to build your own plan exactly how you like it.


We’ve also made some other exciting improvements including the ability to easily compare our ready-made plans and the ability to toggle the purchase of Add-Ons on or off. This way you can make sure you’ve chosen the plan that’s best for you, and get through the activation process faster and with fewer obstacles.






Why is the discount field no longer included in the plans calculator?

Based on member feedback, we decided that removing the discount column from our plans calculator would make the plan-building experience easier to understand.

Are plan prices changing now that the discount field has been removed?

Our goal with this change was to simplify the plan-building experience. Even though the discount column is no longer visible, we’ll continue to offer the great, low prices you’ve come to love! No prices have changed at the time of this calculator update.

What is the purpose of a ready-made plan?

Ready-made plans make it easy for you to activate or renew on our most popular plans as quickly as possible. With services already selected, and math already done for you, ready-made plans help you check out in no time.

Is there a price difference between the ready-made plan and a customized plan, if I were to select the exact same features?

The price of a ready-made plan won't always match the price of that same combination of services in the plan builder. For instance, a limited-time promotion will likely be priced differently and might be highlighted in the ready-made plan section, but not be in the plan builder. Moving forward, we plan to use the ready-made plan section to highlight both our best ongoing offers and our limited-time promotions.


-Public Mobile Community team


Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

@Brooke_C, great news going to the plan page now to check out the changes!!  Ok back already, am I missing it or are there no 90 day  "ready made plans"?  I am only seeing 30 day.  I think the 90 day plans is one of the advantages to PM and helps reduce costs even more.  If they aren't listed will they becoming soon?

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Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

Great improvements, not to be nit picking but I couldn't help but to notice that there is too much blue everywhere, considering orange is Public Mobile's colour Smiley Happy


For example, I saw a big blue circle to indicate the site was loading and I think the 3G/4G squares would look better in orange, just my opinion though!

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Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

I just saw the new interface.

NOT too bad, BUT NOT GREAT as well


The Build your Plan, Take the 90 Day Unlim Can-Wide US Talk+Global Txt+6GB LTE Data for $210, is that the Price, or will the Discounts still kick in?

If not, $210 for that would be Outrageous


Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

@Brooke_C, I like the ready made plans once logged-in in self serve.  quick and easy but as @ShawnC13 mentioned there are no 90 day plans.  Probably the because the list will get too long and confusing??  I think the plan picker was actually better in this respect. 


for the actual website the plans are a little confusing  because of the pop ups  click learn more -> then click get offer -> activate now ->pop-up which states you have to: 

Take notes. You will need to select these at Activation.

Select the following:

30-day plan
Unlimited Province-wide Talk
Plan Subtotal: $22 (or $20/30 days with $2 autopay activated) plus applicable taxes


It sounds like you are using the plan picker not a ready made plan.  I think you could simply remove this popup. 



Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

@makkahn28  It shows 165 for 6gb and 210 for 15gb on my plan picker (website not self serve)


Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

@mimmo_L wrote:

@makkahn28  It shows 165 for 6gb and 210 for 15gb on my plan picker (website not self serve)

Seeing the same thing as @mimmo_L

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Public Mobile

Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

Hey @makkahn28


When I select the same options I am seeing $165. Can you refresh your page and see if that changes things? 





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Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

I did, and now it's back to normal. Thanks @Brooke_C

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Re: Launching ready-made plans + more!

I do like how you are attempting to bring some clarity to the pricing page, but the one thing that I personally miss is the ability to see the price change as you change the options. Currently the buttons are so large that you need to make your changes, then scroll down to see the price. In the old system it was nice to see the price change as you changed the options around.


I can also see the emphasis on 3g data in the pricing, but it would also be nice to see a more visual indicator (especially since there's so much scrolling now) on the difference between 3g and 4g. 


You've basically dropped that visual difference between the price points by making those buttons so big... (and this is on a pretty standard 15inch laptop display)