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In regards with E-Sims, if Phone Only has E-Sim, & Only One E-Sim Slot, how does one swap for another W/O Losing the E-Sim for Home Plan?
If an Shelf Life is going to be the New Norm, why not offer an 90-150 Day Shelf-Life for the Add-On Data, for those who have Lower Data Allocation on Plan at very least But, if on an Older Grandfathered Plan, is the Shelf Life going to impact us too?...
The Unlimited Data for the 5G I believe is a Major Mistake, the Add-On Option I think is the Correct Option as I think the Unlimited Data is Not without it's Drawbacks One, Unlimited Plans, Wouldn't that Not Allow for Tethering, that at times would s...
The New Rewards Points definitely needs to be Overhauled, as it does need Narrow the Gap Between the Old and the New, Even If Not Fully on Par, But id the Gap was 75-85% Closer, that would at least be a good starting point
Currently I am on the Grandfathered Old 90 Day Unlim Can-Wide-US-L-D, Unlim Global Text and 6 GB Data 4G LTE $150 Wished PM had the option to have 5G access as an Add-On Option, so like a Flat fee for 30 or 90 Day access and still retaining the Grand...