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Unofficial Top Contributors : October 2021

Mayor / Maire

Congratulations to all of the top contributors in the community for all of your hard work helping out in the community helping fellow members with your suggestions, advice and solutions!


Our oracles have been hard at work dispensing advice, providing explanations and supplying or choosing solutions while they help organize the community by merging, moving, editing and even occasionally deleting a post or thread. Their contributions don't go unnoticed and are appreciated.


Many thanks to the team:


Luddite, computergeek541, Dunkman, mimmo, ShawnC13, popping, Lieux, NDesai and will13am.


And our top contributors:


Top 1%:  softech and darlicious


Top 5%:  t_p, z10user4, S--S, esjliv, hTideGnow and Triguy.


Top 10%:  dabr, JK8, Meow, Yummy, BlueB, hairbag1 and pkaraa.


And all of our top 25% and 50% contributors old and new members seeking to help or to be helped with their phone(s) or pm services. Thank you and Congratulations!!



I had to do some major editing this month....the Univac 5000 must have a glitch! or pm with these lowly numbers.....2/6/7/24/38 and 9. Truly the cheapest month yet...$211+$180=$391.


No wonder this is in the lounge.....that's embarrassing! That's no marketing promotion....pffht!😔


Mayor / Maire

As usual, thanks @darlicious for compiling the top contributors.

Congratulations to all the top contributors on this Community!


This is how you find the true lounge lizards in the community.....they don't get accidently redirected to a thread instead they poke their head in the door to see if there's anything going on that interests them. If so they pull up a stool, order a cocktail or two and chill.....😃🍸

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Congratulations to all contributors. Let us continue to strive for the community and Public Mobile to improve as a whole.

Mayor / Maire

>lounge.....that's embarrassing! That's no marketing promotion


Assuming Accepted solutions has correlation with total posts and participation,  there is really no reason why Oct 2021 would be the cheapest month ever... oh well.. I think Telus found a way to operate more efficient.. and beauty for having it in the Lounge  is that we complain all we want and CS agents don't have to care. lol


Participation was up.....a member had to have approximately 33% more bravos to be included in a higher badge level than last month. Except for the very top where the #3 and #4 top contributors were separated by less than 5% from the top 1% level.


That's the problem with community rewards being based solely on a formula. It doesn't measure merit and effort only results. Of course the complete opposite can hold true on the other end of the scale.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Congratulations to all who received a community reward for October 2021.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@darlicious! You're always one step ahead. 🙂


#Congrats-Nov 21.jpg

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Congratulations to all October 2021 community board reward winners.


@darlicious its pkaraa. lol.


Lol....I spelled it wrong a couple of times and now autocorrect changes it back to my misspelling!