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Recharging phone

Mayor / Maire

Do you charge your phone to 100% or do you use any 'battery saving app' where you can limit charge to 80%,90%, etc %?

Even my laptop has BIOS option do I want 'battery saver' - 80% charge or 'longer work' - 100% charging.

Should I bother with those 'battery saving apps' at all since they use some battery juice while running in the background.


I usually charge @ 30-96%. the most important thing to do is to recalibrate the battery at least once or twice per year. especially if you notice the battery draining quickly. ie. 100%-90% in 5 min or if the device just randomly shuts off when theres still battery remaining.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Technically yes. Lithium is limited by the number of charge cycles. The more often you charge the phone the more often you deplete the chemistry in the battery.  I Charge to 100% via slow wireless.  I also dont charge my phone every day or before bed. Try charging when you need to.  Run it down to 30 or 40 percent, it may 1.5 or 2 days. Meaning when I go to bed and my phone is at 61% I leave it until Lunch time to see if I need to charge it up. Fast charging will also deplete the chemistry faster. 


I could but still want calls to go though just in case of an emergency from a family member.

@BKNS27 wrote:

I also put the phone on air plane mode while sleeping…this was the biggest help with battery drop.


Why not just turn phone off?

Mayor / Maire


I normally to 100% but I don’t charge while sleeping or unattended.

I stopped using a battery saving app but I had problems with the app and it really didn’t help save battery life.

Stopped using wireless charger as it heats up my phone. As heat reduces the battery life.

I also put the phone on air plane mode while sleeping…this was the biggest help with battery drop.


Mayor / Maire

HI @Yummy 


I charge to 85%.  Not sure if it is really good to the battery but seems like it is advised to do so


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