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My Number In Service Already

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So, I just activated a new sim. Upon my sister (who was right next to me) phoning me from her cell, another person answered the phone!!!??? My sim card was in my phone and although it was active, the number she dialed was indeed mine!? We were shocked!? We asked the guy, as we both looked at the number I just picked as my new number that she had just dialed, what his number was!? When he said the number, we nearly soiled ourselves!? We asked if he was with PM and he said 'No, TELUS!!!??? So could someone please tell us (this community and other potential PM users!?) ...

  • How is this possible!? I am assuming the guy wasn't aware that someone else was 'on deck' to acquire his phone #
  • An hour or so later after my sim appears to work for both outgoing and incoming calls, what happened to the other guy with the same phone # (whom I reiterate, testified our numbers were the same)!? Did I just steal his number legally or is he sharing his for a very uneasy, secure feeling, at least on our side!?
  • On a side note, after my phone appeared to work in sync, I had to set the APN settings to get data, which worked great! That being said, is their some light the luminaries would care to share in this cold, Canadian's thoughts!? I'm beginning to think that an uncontrollable malware has invaded your servers!? Remember the Heart Bleed bug ... still on CRA servers, apparently, and yet they promote online autonomy!? I guess the switch off is worth it! If you want security, privacy is at stake yet it is talked about like it is feasible together!? PM, I think your not being honest with your customers!? Could you allay my charges to you!? From other posters, I think you're just like us, in it to win it!?

Mayor / Maire

@WTFiswithPM  These forums are all PM customers. If you would like to reach PM support (which is done all online) I have listed the methods below on how to reach them.


Telus actually owns Koodo and Public Mobile and PM also runs on the Telus network. There may have been a system glitch during activation while everything was being processed in the back end system. You mentioned "an hour oh so later your sim appears to work" so I am just assuming that your sister tried calling the number you picked pretty much right after activation and that is when someone else answered. Very weird that he repeated the same exact number you picked. No idea how that could have happened. You would have to reach out to PM (support) with the questions you are asking so they can investigate their systems backend. Or log into your new account and simply click "Change number" and pick a new number.


Welcome to Public Mobile. Sorry you have had a rough start.


Contact customer service agents. 


Open a ticket via: (faster response time) 


Type "ticket" > Click "Contact Us" > Select your issue > "Click here to submit a ticket↗" 


or send a private message to: 


and describe your issue. Include your name,phone #, account #, Email address,4-digit PIN to speed up authentication process.



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for input and acknowledgement and links!? Not really worried about security ... anybody wanna know something about me ...ask or hack, makes no difference, I'm more transparent than Scott Moe's damage control!?


Lol...that username might get you in trouble....just ask @big_rick but that's a story for another day. Actually  the "sharing" of the same number with someone else who is a telus customer is a known telus issue whereas they have been known to accidently release an already "owned" phone number of one of their customers. You unfortunately have no rights to the phone number. So the simple solution is to go to the change number feature in your self serve account and choose a new number. Otherwise probably sometime tomorrow you will be randomly assigned a phone number from pm once the telus customer calls to complain about his number being "shared" with a You can change your phone number up to 4 times per 30 days if you don't end up liking the choice you make tonight.

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you can Changing Your Number,

You can change your phone number up to 4 times every 30 days after you’ve activated. To change or transfer your number after activation, go to your Self Serve Account here and:

  • Select the “Plans and Add ons” tab
  • Click on “Change Phone Number”
  • Then, you can choose to select a new phone number,

if you need to Contact Customer Support Agent

  • you can send a private message to Customer Support Agent by Click Here link,