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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Kudos for the Moderators

This is to thank and record my formal Appreciation for the Moderators. Heart
I had subscribed for an Ad-on but within a few days changed my mind. The package was still lying unused. So I initiated a request to the Moderators for a refund on Saturday, Aug 24. Below is the chronology of how I received my refund at a lightning-fast speed.  

  • Submitted my request for a refund:  11:38 AM
  • Received authentication request from Moderators: 11:46 AM (after8 minutes)
  • Refund made to my account:  02:21 PM (in 2 hours 43 mins). Job completed

I can’t believe it could be any faster. Kudos and keep it moving that way, Moderators.  

PS. I'm sure users must have experienced their falling short at times but here is also an example where they excel.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Kudos for the Moderators

Nice to see this post.


It's always easy to complain, but it's not often you see praise given for a job well done.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Kudos for the Moderators

And great to see that responses are back to a proper couple hour timeframe.

Kudos indeed to @Alan_K and the team.

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