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I have figured out how the rewards Points work, though perhaps somewhat painful, but hope lives

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Apparently, the Points is like how, Take PC Optimum, it appears to work like that in some way


That could either fail, or, if tweaks and tune-ups done correctly, could make lucrative.


But, it unfortunately depends on one's bill, Itchy fingers on Add-Ons, and perhaps fate.


If PM introduced even a PM version of an PC Optimums Card, maybe savings wouldn't be too painful


But, Only Tyme will tell


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Yup --- truth be told, I'm not AT ALL interested in participating.   Let the 'newbies' be the experimental group.


How is this a "Get Support" topic?


Should be Lounged.


@makkahn28  please stop creating multiple topics all talking about rewards it can be done in one thread


I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *

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@makkahn28  Let's wait, and see what happens !!!!

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If I remember right, it's a 5% earn. So for me, my bill at $28 (do taxes count ?I assume not) would be $1.40 in rewards, or if it goes up to $30 removing the $2 autopsy, it would be $1.50. But I'm guessing that's *instead of* the $2 autopsy?


But then, this new program would be better for higher bills. If you're on a $60 plan, that's $3 worth of points vs $2 autopsy... 


I think I'm staying with the old plan myself

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I think personally for simplicity's sake i'm staying on the initial system. It's simple and works for me. 

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Well apparently I got upgraded to new program. I think we get screwed on annual loyalty. I am now better off switching if cheaper plan outside.

e.g. You are loyal customer for 4 years..

Old System

Year 1 = $0

Year 2 = $12 (subtotal $12 savings) 

Year 3 = $24 ($ 36)

Year 4 =  $36 ($72) 


New Program

Year 1 = $10 in points

Year 2 = $10 ($20)

Year 3 = $10 ($30)

Year 4 = $10 ($40)

The more you spend, the more Points you get. Simple as that. People who subscribe to higher-cost plans will immediately enjoy more savings. (On the other side of the coin, Public Mobile will be better positioned to offer more higher-cost plans and add-ons - maybe allowing them to sell options like "Unlimited Data" and "LTE Speed Data" to subscribers who want to buy them. Within limits, of course, since Telus probably won't want to cannibalize Koodo to feed Public, lol.)


People who subscribe to lower-cost plans won't gain as much. They haven't upgraded to higher-cost plans yet, but getting more Points as part of the cost package might be the extra psychological nudge they need to make the decision.


People who've already aggregated substantial Loyalty and Referrals will come out ahead with Rewards. But not in the short term.


Immediate savings and instant gratification is a valuable attractor in a market where customers want to come and go as they please. A lot of people will take (and spend) their Points immediately because they like the freedom of choice, of avoiding confining contracts and commitments. Of course there are never long-term contracts at Public Mobile ... but then again, you only get your $5 Loyalty Reward by staying anchored for 5+ years ...


I predict that all new plans and new activations will eventually be based on Points, that Rewards will eventually be phased only towards legacy plans. This would allow Public Mobile to avoid disenfranchising existing Rewards customers while shifting its new focus onto the Points gimmick.

PM hasn't even fully implemented their Points system and already they're offering juicy one-way cash-out bonuses to those who switch over. Liquidate your Rewards for a pile of Points ($dollars$) you can spend immediately! I think it's obvious these efforts will never relent and from time to time they may even be outrageously tempting. The number of customers earning Rewards will gradually erode away.


I'm not sure the lottery/contest options for Points will go over well, though. For every winner there's going to be a lot of losers, including a lot of complainers, and the more valuable the prize the more passionate things will become. I think it's an unwise move, a nest of hornets waiting to be kicked.


I think some sort of "donate Points to charity" option would be good to have. Perhaps a choice of charities. If nothing else, to allow the Community to collectively help support members who are suffering through financial crisis - maybe anonymously, maybe sporting a charity badge.

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(A friend of mine subscribes to a Singapore telco which has all sorts of ongoing customer rewards, incentives, and motivations. Their equivalent of this Public Points system pays "top performing" customers hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. She gets 100GB 5G/LTE data - with unlimited accumulated rollover - "globally" in Asia and USA and Canada for about $12CDN per month - a flat rate "guaranteed" to never increase. Then again, she has to pay about $0.25/minute for "talk airtime".)

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Upon looking at the new system it is still rewarding for new customers. But yes it is less of a reward on an annual and possible monthly basis. They have also tried to do the jackpot where they can get some of those back. I still think that PM is ahead of other companies in their tier in terms of cashback/rewards