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Mayor / Maire

Aren't April Fool's articles limited to April 1??

@wetcoaster wrote:

Aren't April Fool's articles limited to April 1??

The writer is dead serious.  The thesis about value, not price.  

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

The beginning of article specifies Canada as number one amongst G7 countries - so countries such as China Hong Kong Taiwan etc are not compared, and most of the G7 counties except for United States are politically socialist mostly, so Canada being best out of them isn't surprising.


As for good value, some Canadian telecoms offer good value while others are crap, Public Mobile for wireless and Nucleus for internet I think are the best I can think of in Canada - but in China and Hong Kong other countries can't even compare, competition so fierce there in 2018 my friend gave me one of his SIM to use because they phone company offered him special 2 months free unlimited mobile data and China calling just for inserting that SIM into a cell phone again after not using it for few months. The phone company can detect he put the SIM into a phone again and immediately sent him text telling him about offer no strings attached.


In 2013 in Hong Kong I kept paying to keep my cell number 20 Hong Kong dollars per month which is about $4 Canadian got me 500 minutes per month 1GB data and most importantly free call forwarding that does not deduct from the 500 minutes per month.


So to me Canada does not offer good enough value at all.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

not a chance if comparing to the US, but thats just my opinion, there might be countries that have even better packages than those in US