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Anybody here joined dotmobile?

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Interesting concept

I guess they are trying something similar to TextNow with the difference that all data is add-ons

I noticed sometimes ago fongo offering data, fongo calls would be used against your data.

TextNow has it great, totally free calls and mms (and data used for it) not charged at all. You can buy monthly data.


I'm not sure how theses guys would do talk and text part, but data offering will look appealing to many


I still don't think it's a real competitor to public mobile even if it picks up as service is very very different. It's more of a second sim service. From reading the reviews, those who need the phone can't get away with it. But it will put pressure on all those spare phones backup phones and kid share for pickup phones.


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@BearFBI thanks for the info. You can still sign up to be a founding member for anyone interested, I just did just in case.

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Oh wow. 


"To celebrate this release, we are happy to announce some of the perks* for you, our Founding Members:"

  • A free monthly subscription to wireless service when it launches
    • Founding members will get their monthly subscription fee waived, which includes voice and text, so they only pay for Data On Tap with all its benefits - unlimited rollover and no roaming fees in Canada or the US.
  • Ongoing Marketplace discounts and special offers
  • Discounts on repairs, phone insurance (available in the near future)

I get free phone service for being a founding member. Whattt


Hmm. If Dot can partner with a network and offer good enough service this will compete with PM. 


You cant beat free unlimited Talk and Text. I wonder what the GB data tap rates are. Must be cheaper than the 15$ per GB we have now.

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They just released their dotmobile app for Android. They haven't launched their service yet. Its only the alpha version of the app.

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@Korth Yeah I always thought Live Chat was the way to go but it definitely isn't. PM would have had to hire even more Moderators. Who knows what will happen with PM in the future. They've hired so many moderators and we already have a ticket system built for it and SIMON. It has the potential for the callback support. It could happen 


Callback support appointments is the way to go.


PM has invited me to participate in several feedback sessions, interviews, surveys, etc over the recent year or so - so I could interact directly with someone at PM during some pre-scheduled time/day slot I could choose in advance. The capability does exist, or could exist, it's already been demonstrated as a model which could be implemented if PM chose to focus on it.


It could easily be integrated with SMS notifications, phone calls, Community private messages, or even (perhaps) a direct two-way customer support message "inbox/outbox" built into the Self-Serve page. Sometimes people will need/request/demand support because their service isn't working ... yet still they manage to find some way to login to their PM accounts online ... so being able to choose from a variety of communication options would be best.

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@kselmak They seemed to have updated their website. They have a cool take on payment and privacy.


It shows the ability to pay with Google pay, Apple pay, and a CC. And they have this sick way of CC privacy.


This is what their website said.


"Our services are designed to authorize a credit card payment without saving the details of the credit card, instead, we use a token. In fact, the app connects directly to the payment processor so we don’t touch the card details for even a millisecond. We will store things like the last four digits of a card so that you have an easy to understand order and payment history, for example"
It makes PM's payment system look like a joke. PM needs to redesign payment. Offer Google Pay, Apple pay, And an overall better more secure CC/Autopay system
They are releasing their app to the public sometime next week but its just the marketplace.
They also have a cool way of support. 
"We will also provide callbacks for tricky problems best solved by a phone call.  You can schedule callbacks from our live agents at your convenience instead of waiting until you can spare an hour or two for hold music and multiple transfers"
They also support multiple devices like smartwatches.
"The way we plan to support it is to have an add-on for that. And the way it will work is that each individual will be able to share the same plan with multiple devices for an additional monthly flat fee"

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@kselmak I joined Dotmobile. I originally was going with them instead of public but got tired of waiting. If pricing is low enough for dotmobile Public Mobile and all the other 3rd teir carriers will have to drop price as well. Their concept is amazing with data on tap but i dont think it will happen. They are trying to get full network access to one of the 3 carriers (LTE, Voice, and TXT). Its more of a fully fledged carrier like Public Mobile. The only thing Public should be scared of is full speed LTE, VoLTE, Wifi calling, ESIM, and more. Who knows what else Dot will bring. They might just get bought by the big carriers like what happened to Public. But the closer they are getting to launch the more im loosing hope in them. Im happy i switched to Public instead of waiting years for dot to launch.

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Armando err... BearFBI (I think 🙂 ) talked about them over here. I agree with will13am...vapourware.

We'll see I guess.