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Managing your data usage

There are a few quick and easy ways for you to track how much data you use.


1. Public Mobile My Account

You can easily view your usage in your Public Mobile Self Serve account by clicking on the Plan and Add-Ons tab, then on Add-On Usage. Here, you will find a summary of your data usage for the current billing cycle.  You can also conveniently select Usage History for a daily, weekly or monthly summary view.

Don’t have a Public Mobile My Account yet? No worries, you can register here.

2. Data Usage Notifications

Public Mobile will notify you via text message when you're close to using all of the data included in your rate plan.  Data notifications indicate how much of your included plan data you have used, so you know when you’re approaching your limit. The default data notifications are set at 75%, 95% and 100% consumption of your data allotments.

Find out more about data notifications on our Community!


3. Data Manager Applications

Did you know? Most smartphones have a pre-installed data manager application which allows you to set cellular data usage notifications and data limit according to your Public Mobile expiry date?


For more information, please click on the link that corresponds with your handsets brand:





BlackBerry     > Select your device > Select Settings > Select Connections >Select monitor your wireless data usage


Can’t find a pre-installed data management app in your handset? Don’t worry, visit your mobile application store to find free data management applications:






@IWIK "Data Witness" for Android - complete setup guide can be found here


Managing your data usage

Now that you know how to track your data usage, we want to share some tips and tricks for managing features and applications.


1. Autoplay

Many of the most commonly used applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube offer a neat feature called Autoplay. While using this app, the Autoplay feature will preload and play videos automatically in your “news” feed automatically as you progress through it.


While this is great for quickly watching videos, it can also consume a lot of data. (Did you know that watching a video over your mobile data varies from 0.21 Mbps (Megabytes per seconds) to 5.2 Mbps depending on its quality?)


If you’re finding that you’re going through your data really quickly or know that you’ve almost used your entire allotted amount, setting your Autoplay to work using Wi-Fi only or disabling it may be a good option for you. Learn how to below.



Visit the Facebook “Autoplay” help page for more details.



Visit the Instagram “Use Less Data” help page for more details.



Visit the Twitter “How can I stop videos from autoplaying” help page for more details.



Visit the YouTube “Turn-Off Autoplay” help page for more details.


2.GPS Navigation

GPS navigation is another feature that in fact, does require high mobile data. As a substitute, you could use Google Maps, which is a free navigation application that offers the ability to navigate offline. You can also purchase other navigation applications that will allow you to navigate without using data and quickly change spending into an investment.


3.Google Map

Visit the Google Map “Download areas and navigate offline” help page for more details.


Other Applications

Other applications like video games, weather, music streaming can consume a lot of data. The good news is that most smartphones will give you the ability to restrict background data for each application that you use on a daily basis. We invite you to visit your handset manufacturer website for more details.


You now have the tools to take control of your data usage. Have other questions? Be sure to check out our Community. It’s the place to get help, give help and share ideas!


-Public Mobile Community team


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Great! Thanks!


@Jeremy_M, would it be possible to add, in point 1., something like "in the selfserve, if you used up all you data during a billing cycle, you won't see any data usage/allotment information at all; no worry this is normal, your data will reappear on your next billing cycle"

Also, you could add something like "If you used up all your data, you can add a data add-on (do it yourself in the selfserve) or you can renew the same plan that you currently have as of today and "reset" your data, losing the remaining days of your plan in pthe process (contact a moderator to do it. Click on this link to know how)."


Facebook App for Android now has a "Data Saver" Option that can be turned on as well.

Thank you @BrrMcGrr & @Someone_here!  I will find a way to include the feedback in the article Smiley Happy

Another way to save data is to browse mobile website where offered. Beyond saving data, it make for a better user experience given the relatively small screen size on a phone. Browsers like chrome offer data savings setting.

"You can easily view your usage in your Public Mobile Self Serve account..."



Easily is not very accurate.


Use case 1:

I still have data left for this billing cycle. Looking at the "Add-On Usage" tab, it tells me I have unlimited data left.

Add-on NameData Limit* (MB)Data Used** (MB)Remaining Data (MB)Status
12GB DataUnlimited2674.375UnlimitedActive

Kinda misleading there...


Use case 2:

My daughter has used up her alloted data. Looking at the "Add-On Usage" tab, there is no mention of even having a data plan. There's simply no entry. So was data removed from her plan or did she use it up? I can't verify as it's simply gone! Why have a "Status" field if the add-on is removed when not active for any reason?

@pop78 yes, those are known issues.  I know #2 is being looked at, though I have no idea when a fix may go live.  You can always check your plan details if you're worried that data was somehow removed, but yes this absolutely needs to get fixed as it's very confusing.  For #1, that's also a known issue, though I haven't heard much about it.  Rest assured that you do not actually have unlimited data, and subtracting your 2674.375 MB data used from your 12,288 MB (12 * 1024 MB) plan amount will give you the correct 9,613.625 MB (9.388 gb) amount remaining.


My data doesn't appear in Add-On Usage ? , so I have no way to know?



If it's not listed, means you used it all up. It's what I refer to in my second use case and what @srlawren says is being looked at.

@pop78 correct.  @pamorin sounds like you have indeed ehxausted your plan data.


@srlawren , @pop78   ok thanks, that would explain it. 


Daily, weekly or monthly summary view? I don't see it. I only see 7, 30 and 90 Day history.  I just finished my first 90 days, and would like to see the summary of what I used  xxx minutes  xxx text and xx.x MB

@floorit unfortunately no such summaries exist currently.  They have been asked for.  I'm not holding my breath.