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In this article, you will learn:

  • How to check your phone compatibility.
  • How to unlock your phone.
  • How to get a SIM card.
  • Accepted payments for SIM cards.
  • Accepted payments for activating your SIM card.


Checking your phone's compatibility


To test your phone’s compatibility with our network, click here. Other good resources for checking phone compatibility include our Community, and . Public Mobile uses the following frequency bands:

  • 4G LTE and LTE Advanced: 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2100 MHz downlink and 1700 MHz uplink (AWS).
  • HSPA: 850 MHz, 1900 MHz (UMTS).


Please note that this information is indicative only. Your phone's compatibility with our 4G or 4G LTE networks is based on the radio frequencies of your phone. Public Mobile does not guarantee that your phone will work on our mobile network.


Unlocking your phone


To unlock your phone from a previous provider, you will need to contact them. As of December 1, 2017, device unlocking fees are $0.


Getting a Public Mobile SIM card


We provide a triple punch SIM card that will fit into almost any phone you choose. Determine your phone’s SIM card size by checking the SIM tray, and remove the parts of the SIM card that you don’t need.


When purchasing a SIM card, you can choose to do so online or at one of our retail partners. For a list of retail partners, see here under Step 2.


If you are purchasing a SIM card online, here is what you should know:

  • The price is $10 per SIM card, and this purchase is non-refundable.
  • We ship SIM cards within Canada only, and there is no shipping charge.
  • Allow 3-7 business days for your SIM to arrive in the mail.
  • At this time, we do not provide a tracking number for SIM cards. If you haven’t received your SIM card after 7 business days, contact our Moderator Team here.
    • Note that you will need a Community account to contact Moderators. If you don’t have a Community account, and want to make one, click here.
  • Your plan’s price is determined based on the day that you activate your SIM card, meaning that we cannot guarantee that you can take advantage of pricing offers available when you order your SIM card. For time-sensitive promotions, we recommend purchasing your SIM card at a retail partner to ensure there is minimal delay between purchasing and activating the SIM card.


To purchase your Public Mobile SIM card now, click here. We recommend you use the same email address for purchasing your SIM card that you will use for activating your SIM card.


Accepted payments for your SIM card


  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • PayPal: you can pay with debit or credit card. To learn more about why consumers use PayPal, click here.

Accepted payments for activating your SIM card


We accept the following credit cards, issued by Canadian or American financial institutions and registered to a Canadian or American address:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express


We also accept Visa Debit cards. Additionally, you can pay for your SIM card activation with a Public Mobile Payment Voucher, which can be purchased at any of our retail partners where you can purchase Public Mobile SIM cards. If you choose to pay for your activation with a payment voucher, make sure to purchase the voucher(s) prior to activating.

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