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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Trying to port number from Koodo but SIMon chatbot ticket form is broklen

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@CannonFodder  Oh probably....chances are the OP told simon it was prepaid which is why simon directed him to contact the moderators. It's too bad no one told him that he could activate with a temporary number. But being that were all hoping for some love from public mobile today it's better that he doesn't activate at least until today.

@darlicious The OP did in fact activate his sim with a temp number. It's when he tried to port his Koodo number via selfserve that he had the problem.

Yes, but does that NECESSARILY mean the OP has a prepaid Koodo account?

@CannonFodder  Yes...because a specific message is given to users when they try to port a koodo prepaid or a former pc mobility prepaid number.

Ok then, so because the OP went to SIMon for help, the assumption is being made that it's a Koodo prepaid account, even though the OP never said as much?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Trying to port number from Koodo but SIMon chatbot ticket form is broklen

Hi,  Are you using the same Koodoo phone?  When I ported my number from my previous cell phone provider Bell, I kept it active and had to call them to have them "release" my number and also email me a "code" that would allow me to use another SIM card other than BELL in my phone....  THEN, after doing all that, I then replaced my old sim with my Public Mobile SIM and began following the instructions on Public Mobile Site regarding activation.  The transition was perfect.   Data, etc began working in stages so to speak, but within a couple of hours, everything was working.  If you requested a new phone number when setting up your Public Mobile SIM, that may be what's happening with issues porting the number from Koodo...


Hope this helped