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*Unofficial* Share your "3G" plan experience here (latency, speeds, streaming)

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
The oracles have been live testing it and their results are posted within other threads but would be great to aggregate all experiences in a single thread.

For others that converted over or joined recently, it would be great for you to share your experiences for others to make a decision on the new plans.

It may be advertised now as 3G but it really is just LTE that is throttled to a maximum of 2.5mbps download speeds, hence the marketing message behind the coverage and reliability of LTE network, yet was confusing with the 3G lingo thrown in.

Feedback around latency of surfing webpages and streaming YouTube on mobile would be great to really understand how "bad" this plan sounds like.

Reality is if the latency is just as fast as full speed LTE, then normal browsing experience won't change much, perhaps a few seconds slower loading up a media dense webpage.

A throttled LTE at up to 2.5mbps download is much better than 5-7mbps actual 3G due to faster response time for general usage.