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The seller told me he would use a referral code to get me $10 off, but I don't see $10 off.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I was charged for 2 top-ups for a $15 plan ($20 in total). Told I would receive $10 off credit. There is no $10 credit anywhere to be seen. Also, my phone # did not port over. Bad customer experience to start with. We'll see if you guys can turn things around or if I go with ChatR after a couple of months.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

OH, good to know it's 72 hours. I bought it from the Wow! Mobile Boutique in Southcentre Mall (Calgary) Yes, it is quite possible the slow service might be due to the salesperson not inputting the right information. It may have nothing to do with Public Mobile. Price is right and the phone I have is kind of cool. I will be happy if I can get this all settled tomorrow with a working phone that will receive all my calls and connect to the home Wifi, and get my promo code within 72 hours.

Mayor / Maire

@jimdheil  considering "you were told" I wouldn't blame nor have mixed feelings towards public mobile as public mobile is self serve and done online. So your feelings shouldn't reflect on PM but towards who you were told all this by.


So who told you all this?


It's as simple as getting a sim card, ensuring your phone is compatible with PM and activating your account to enjoy Telus network 


In regards to the referral. Did the people that told you all this use there code? Or did you have a friend's code? Yes you're entitled to a $10 signup bonus when activating with a referral code and that credit is applied to your account within 72 hours of activating.


What questions do you have with porting?


This forum is all customers like you but we are here to help you in any matters so that you're comfortable with Public Mobile 🙂

Mayor / Maire

@jimdheil  Public Mobile is prepaid so you were charged $15 for your plan during activation. You were then charged $5 during your next plan renewal. 


So $15 - $10 (referral bonus) = $5. Is that not correct? If not, what should it be?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

The $10 credit may take up to 72 hours to appear. Can you describe more of how your phone number didn't port?

Mayor / Maire

Welcome to PM @jimdheil , the $10 referral credit is usually automatically applied by PM within 72 hours to your self service account.  Once you activate with a temporary cell phone number, to port your number, you need moderator help.  Type "Port Request "  and follow the prompts to get to one. Give them the name on the account, the number to port and the old providers account number. Please note, your old provider's account must be active to port.  The port will close it once its completed. There are 2 ways to contact the Moderator Team:

  • Faster response- Get help with your account the easy way by starting a conversation with our virtual assistant, SIMon. It’ll take you to relevant help articles, or if it’s something more urgent, it can help you submit a ticket to the Moderator Team. Click here to get started.
  • Slower- Alternatively, you can send a private message to the Moderators by clicking here. You’ll need to be logged in to your Community account for the link to work.

Once connected to Simon, you will be asked to log in again with your community user name and password.  Please do, this allows you to continue and send your message.
- Check your private message sent box (click on the envelope top right of your screen) to make sure the message was sent.

- Keep an eye on the envelope top right of your screen.  The mods answer will show up there.  When it does, you will be asked to verify your self service account, with your password and login. Doing so allows the process to continue. Stay safe. 

Welcome to PM .