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The Essential Phone 2 has reportedly been canceled

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The Essential Phone 2 has reportedly been canceled


A shame - I know the first one had a rough start with the bugs and high price but they seemed to be back on course with the price changes and multitude of updates/fixes. I had been keeping an eye on them as my thought was the second phone would hit it out of the park after the learning experience of the first one.



I am hoping they are just down but not out.  I like supporting the underdog.  I have an essential phones in use.  I really love it and for the price I paid nothing comes close to it for value.  The software support has been great with only Telus as the impenetrable clay layer.  The phone camera is not as good as my dedicated camera but who cares. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Yep, I love the Essential Phone, and I would bet that if they had to release a PH-2 it would have been an incredible piece of hardware. Just a few small isuues that could easily be addressed. It's too bad. Hopefully the company gets taken over by someone who wants to continue the vision.


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

that's too bad. they priced their phone too much.

Same pricing issues Blackberry has

High end specs but noone wants to pay premium price

Then goes in clearance and everyone thinks its so cheap it must be inferior quality


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Company lost there shirts and pants,looking for buyers to take over 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

The Essential phone I have is great but not perfect. It certainly could be polished a bit more in some areas like the 360 cam video and the lack of panorama mode (which I used to use a lot).


IMHO, there were a few things that ultimately killed them.

1. Availability. Carrier exclusives like Telus are a killer when that is your only product. Average people don't go to websites to order phones, they go to their carrier.

2. Initial hardware issues like the speaker grill. All those returns must have cost some money to field the issue, ship and return, and refurbish.

3. Initial OS issues and poor performance of the camera.

4. Lack of accessories for the connector. Not sure what kind of lawsuit was ongoing, but only having the 360 cam for it is not enough.

5. Signal issues esp. on t-mobile. Generally, I find the signal is weaker overall.


I hope Essential sticks around for a while. They really have a great phone and the current price is what they should have gone with from the get go.