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Someone calls me and my phone does not ring. Then it Ring 5 minutes later after they hung up.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

The other week I had a few people try call me and my Iphone never rang. Then 5-10 minutes later my phone rings and I pick up and there is no answer. For example my sister tried calling me and my phone went to voicemail immediately. She showed up to my place 10 minutes later and my phone started to Ring with her calling me, I told her she was calling me and she said no she was not but tried calling me earlier and it went to voice mail. Anyone else had this problem?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

It seems to be working good now. I

Mayor / Maire

@Will-I-Am - that does sound network related, or a haunting...? Perhaps there was no signal, and the service kept trying to connect for a period of time.

Make sure you do not have her number blocked on your device also.

I would try 1 or more of the below to help reconnect to a network:

  • restart your phone
  • toggle into and out of airplane mode
  • perform a Reset of the device's Network Settings


@Will-I-Am is the issue resolve now?

it could be just local network issue at that time in that area

which iPhone you have? you can try to enable VoLTE on the phone if the option is not hidden.  And make sure the neteotk mode is 4G or LTE for both voice and data

Or when you see the problem happens again, you can try to change the Preferred Neteork type or network mode to 3G and see if the phone can connect to the network at that mode and if voice calls working 

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