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Sim didn't arrive

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I ordered sim card and purchased a subscription with 30gb Data at 4G speed on Nov.21,2023 which cost a total amount of $49.28.  It says that the expected delivery date is Nov. 30,2023 but so far I haven't received anything. This is my first time purchasing public mobile and I am starting to worry whether it is all just a SCAM since I paid already and got nothing at all.  I tried talking to Telus since I heard its connected to Public Mobile but they said they couldn't help me since they too don't know how to contact them and that Public Mobile is only an online service. 

I also tried submitting a ticket here but I couldn't go through because it needs an order number which I didn't receive from their email.  What I only got from them is the order details ( breakdown of my purchased) and Order Status.

Can someone help me?

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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I ordered a SIM online January 29th, I still haven’t received it with no available update from online agent/customer service. They informed me I can continue to wait or I can go to a store to buy one and reach out to customer service again once I purchase SIM from store, they can apply the amount for ordered SIM card as a credit for future top ups. I’m likely going to just buy it tomorrow cause I cannot continue without a phone, (idk if anyone can answer this) but if I purchase a new SIM tomorrow and DO NOT reach out to customer service, is the sim that will eventually come in the mail still work? Curious as my brother is wanting to eventually switch to Public Mobile and it would save the hassle all over again for him. Thanks 🙂 

@MiraiTakimoto wrote:

thanks for responding. much appreciated.

@MiraiTakimoto , you’re welcome. Please let us know how it goes.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

thanks for responding. much appreciated.

Mayor / Maire

@MiraiTakimoto , if you decide to check locally or through Amazon for a SIM Card & ask CS_Agent to credit your account for it (save receipt for proof of purchase) here are the links below.

Telus, Koodo, or Mobile Klinik store

Amazon Canada  $4.99 + tax & free shipping with Amazon Prime

Public Mobile SIM Card on Amazon

Mayor / Maire

@MiraiTakimoto , sorry I responded but my message disappeared!

It took over 3 weeks for my SIM Card to arrive from Public Mobile delivered through Canada Post! I ordered them from Amazon after that & received them within 2 days!

You can send a private message to a CS_Agent using the link: ->

Customer Support Agents are available from:

Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 10 PM EST

A CS_Agent will respond back in your Community mailbox (envelope icon) at the top right of this page to the left of your community avatar on your computer or by clicking on your avatar on your device.

Edit: I posted info earlier & it disappeared!

Mayor / Maire


SIM. Card can take up to 3 weeks to arrive .if you need one sooner try calling local Telus Koodo stores for in person pick up or order from Amazon .otherwise reach out to support for a status up date for when it shipped and when you can expect it . Or if you can get a credit for buying a new SIM card .message support directly while your already here and logged in the community you can send a  private message   To CS_Agents

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