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Roaming activation

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Can someone tell me if they can activate a roaming US Add-on ? Cause I tried to activate a roaming add-on plan for US so I’m not able to do that. 


Mayor / Maire

@DPhares   They can help you to buy, but generally, you buy it yourself


What you need know is, buying addon is a 2 steps prcoess

1. Load fund

2. then go back to buy the addon


So, have you loaded the fund yet?  if you do , the fund should show as Available Fund.  Once you see Available Fund has enough money to buy the addon you want, you go back to buy the roaming addon you want.  PM will then use the money from Available fund for the purchase


Once you done the purchase, reboot the phone once

I assume you are in US already (or later when you are in US), then you make sure roaming Mobile data is enabled.  Go to Network selection to change from Automatic to manually select either T-Mobile or  AT&T.  It should connect to at least one of them and then it should work

Mayor / Maire

@DPhares  just to make sure..Roaming addons are for use whilst in the USA.

Other/regular addons available for purchase are for use whilst in Canada.


And, you need an Active public mobile plan for any addons to work.


Get Help Article and Roaming and things for reference: