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Rewards not apply to "Buy Now" option

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

When I try to buy a plan before my current plan cycle, all my rewards are not applying to the new plan.  This is a consideration especially you have big rewards every month. Can someone confirm this is the case? Any possibility to get the rewards for the new plan purchased before current.t plan cycle ends? Thank you.


Mayor / Maire



Rewards are only applied on renewals every 30 days.


I suspect a reason for this, is there are some people on the $15 plan whose renewal rewards may exceed the value of their plan thus putting them into a credit situation on renewal.


If a person was able to continuously renew their plan early in that kind of a situation, they would repeatedly be padding their available funds artificially.


Added information can be found under the Get Help article titled Change your Plan (


"You may choose to change your plan immediately if you have used all or most of your services. Here are some things you should know about this option:

  • A new payment cycle starts when you activate your new plan.
  • Your plan will not be prorated, which means that any days or benefits (data/voice/SMS) remaining in your current payment cycle will not be added to your new plan
  • Any earned Rewards will be applied on your next renewal after the plan change."

Mayor / Maire

It has never been the case that an immediate plan change will get the rewards at that moment. It will need to wait until the next renewal. If you really want to try out the $55/35 plan then you'll have to forgo the rewards to start.