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Not receiving the final confirmation text

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Any suggestions as to what I can do.

i get the emails but not the texts.

i can place outgoing calls and can send text messages and receive them but I can’t receive phone calls because I haven’t confirmed my number … because I haven’t received Public mobiles text


@Dedic8dDave  Best to use old providers account number and ignore the IMEI , please call the number I sent you and give them the account number for lucky only not the IMEI and they can re trigger the port request for you 


add sent to you inbox @Dedic8dDave  or use this link to it

Better to use the Account number from the other provider, @Dedic8dDave 

Using IMEI usually results in issues.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Porting from lucky.  Asked for IMEI or the other so I selected the IMEI number.

 So I’m not receiving public Mobiles text at all

 thank you for helping

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Dedic8dDave 

Porting is completed when you receive a Port Authorization Text from the PRIOR provider, not here from Public Mobile.

Here's the details about porting - have a read:

Transferring Your Phone Number | Help Articles | Public Mobile

Mayor / Maire

@Dedic8dDave  .sounds like you tried porting a number in to public mobile , did you leave old  providers SIM card in the phone to reply YES to the confirmation text to port ? Or miss the text completely ? If so no worries there’s a number for live support that can the trigger the port request for you . Will send it private message as we not allowed o post it here and get it fixed then you will get code sent to the right number 

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