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How can I change number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Mayor / Maire

@Sanfordpetitpas - you do this yourself in your My Account, here:


Since you are new to the Community today, I am taking guess, you may have never registered for a My Account?

If you are a current customer (have been active within 90 days and have not ported out to another provider), you can submit a ticket here to: Create My Account or forgot My Account email or password link


Mayor / Maire


just be sure by changing number you don’t mean you want to try to capture a recently used number from another mobile provider. That would be porting a number from there to here. You can still do that under the change number function in self-serve but it’s a slightly different process.


Or do you just want to change your number to a different one?

Mayor / Maire

@Sanfordpetitpas    you can easily change it via My Account


Login to My Account, go to Profile page, click Change Phone number