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Discrepancy same phone # charging two plans simultaneously:

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



Hi Community:

After upgrade my older plan My money taken two times for same number:

Plan A : $ 48:59 expired my OLD plan same phone# ( including tax)


  • Trans date : Oct 30/22
  • Post date : Oct 31/22




Plan B : $45:20 upgraded my NEW plan same phone# now I am using ( including tax)




Necessary to pay this one ONLY Same as earlier one:


Trans date and Post date atre exactly identical.




 According to your plans always you take money Ahead ( pre paid) NOT post paid.


Another word, you take my money from two times from same credit card this time.


It is impossible one person can keep different plans simultaneously for same phone #. My latus plan starts four days earlier than older one . Including that last four days of my older plan B replaced by new plan A.


By taking money from my credit card means you charged that I will not use your older plan at all and obviously or practically. You overly charged 4 days plus another one month from my account to older/ being replaced plan,


Please pay back to my account in coming month once I have paid this both amount to my credit card company inorder to maintain credit score good. I hope you have asked and charged accidentally. As a big company only you are dealing all clients' problem only by emails?, How could I believe you in the future?, I am with almost 10 years?


Please recorrect my next statement.

The bottom line is no one is paying two plans for exactly identical phone #. Please care this matter seriously.




Kkt Thevan




Yes you said that earlier about the image sizes. So I also suggested earlier that you can select the text in the list of your payment history and paste it into a reply here. And the next pages until say mid-October.


I've also mentioned earlier and the reply above that the site is terrible at caching. As I said, you need to either use the little spinner refresh icons or use private mode or incognito mode whatever your browser calls it.

@KTThevan   for Matter #2

what you see on My Account might be just an old cached page.  Please login My Account again using Incognito mode or Private mode on Safari, you should then see the correct usage


always use Incognito mode to login to avoid confusion


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi dust2dust:

My image (s) not going to be downloaded/uploaded as I am expected. System is saying your data of images occupied huge memory. Therefore I gave up to save my images of statement as you have requested. I will try to talk directly with Public mobile with help of your clues.


Matter #2

(A) From my account of Public mobile is saying your data exceeded over 15 Gb which is my data limit.Therfore I shopped( add on) 1:00 Gb/  $15:00 for another two days.

(B) From my settings menu ( not from my account) data still saying( even at this moment )I have only used 12.2 Gb.

Which one is true?, Why do those two displays reading two different values?

Which is true?

You have any idea?


Thevan .K


Thank you @esjliv .

No I don't work here. If I did I would be going through all your transactions to try to figure out what happened.


I've already explained the situation with this site. The caching is terrible. So you need to use those couple ideas I gave to work around the problem.


But you still seem hesitant to provide your transaction history from here. Not much else I can do without it.


In a theoretical perfect world yes of course one should only pay once. But most other pre-paid providers are the same. If you change the plan while one plan is current then you start a whole new 30 day plan and forfeit the rest of the previously paid plan. It's just how it is here and other providers as well.


But we can't verify and prove that one way or the other without your transaction history. You don't need to make images. I also showed you how the select and paste looks. You can do that instead.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


Hi dust2dust:


Thanks for your help so far...

Mayor / Maire

@KTThevan - we are all customers and members like you here on the forum, not public mobile representatives. That is what the Community Forum is for, support from fellow members.

@dust2dust is just trying his best to help you.


­­­Public Mobile Representatives customer support­­­ agents (CSA) can be contacted by either two methods, found here:


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi dust2dust:

Are you work for Public mobile?or Are you customer? Like me. 

It is not acceptable that you are blaming me lack of language. If you are not telling truth not worth to continuation of this kind of communication.

You act as lawyer for Public mobile. What is real meaning of monthly payments for my service?, It does mean without any penalties some one can go away?. This is the reason Public mobile took the money always at first as prepaid. Public mobile never inform it's customers early cancellation notify need to them month earlier or twoo month earlier so on. I don't go away from them now. But I have updated my data memory not left from them. If they charge like everyone how much money Public mobile collect unnecessarily?, Two times charging for one month payment?

You don't know this small things. You tried to bury reality under the soil.

For the updating data. You are trying to tell p- mobile of 'glitch'. How many days one glitch lasts?, One day two days.  10 days... No no no this last over 15 days..

Something is true. I wanted one, like me no one is being cheated by public mobile in future.

I hope you may have real answer to me . Not just saving your job. Please.



Mayor / Maire

It doesn't need to be next time. I'm looking for all your transaction history from here from mid-October to now.

It would seem this is not the right fit for you though as you're not understanding many of the replies.

Very few pre-paid providers give pro-rated refunds for changing plans immediately. I think that's what you did. But you're not understanding that that is the system.

Post-paid providers do indeed do pro-rating. Like your cable or landline or internet or even utility bills. They will refund or charge based on the day you started the change or left.

That is not the case here.


As for seeing the usage data and notifications, yes this has been a terrible site since last July where customers need to keep clicking the little spinner refresh icons lower down (not top browser refresh) or use private mode aka incognito mode of the browser. Then you should see the proper usage.


Is it reasonable that you've you've used up all 15gb of data? Maybe you do large backups to a cloud or syncing to a cloud of a lot of data on a frequent basis.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi dust2dust:

Next time, when I have changed the plan I will do as you mentioned above, sorry. It is not testing or not viewing time to me. This is the time I want to know reality of the Public mobility relationship with customers. If they don't take action not paying our money back then we would think about alternatives that to with whom we will discuss this kind of matter.


Today Jan, 26, 23 and now  I have a new problem that through the system settings is saying I have used only 11.87 Gb out of 15 Gb but in my profile is saying I have used all of 15Gb.  They informed Namely I have used All 100% . Plus Public mobile sent the message all of data limits now exceeded. Same thing my profile displayed only used 0.1 Gb  at morning. I don't know which page is saying truth.

Therefore I have shopped 1 GB for another 4-5 days to do my business.


Like all the times customers answer our problem but company is not answering our problem. No answering phone either. It is really shame for all.

I have concluded It is not a good company to getting plans for cell phone now to enhancing our business.



Thevan K

This is the output of the simple select and paste. A bit messier but it works. Have a try if you're still willing for us to keep investigating. Please realize that we are all customers too and we can't see your account.

If you get a red warning box then just click reply again. It will fix the warning.

Adding - in your case we'd prefer to see the balances. I just zeroed my balances for this example.


Dec 31, 2022
50 TextsDebit-$1.50Available Funds Balance: $0.00
50 MinutesDebit-$1.50Available Funds Balance: $0.00
30-day planDebit-$10.00Available Funds Balance: $0.00
Reward - Loyalty RecognitionCredit$3.00Available Funds Balance: $0.00
Reward - Refer-a-Friend ($1 per active friend)Credit$0.00Available Funds Balance: $0.00
Reward - AutoPayCredit$2.00Available Funds Balance: $0.00

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi dust2dust:

I have tried many times to send my statement to you make my long story becomes too sort. Unfortunately my  statement photo can not be downloaded in this application. It is saying the memory of one photo image ( not more than one)

Is not fit in your allocated database. If you have any other way then I will send the images that way to you. Please tell me which period of images you asked me send. I have in my hand all three , namely end of September, end of October and end of November in my hand. Instead of all of my pages I have one image telling all story simultaneously ( all three months have at one particular pages  with data and payment details of image). From your reply I will send that asap.

Thanks for your reply.


Could you please provide images of your payment history from here starting on Oct 25th. Then we can follow the flow of money. It still sounds like you did an immediate plan change. Although nor am I clear whether you have 2 accounts running.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi dust2dust:

Very very thanks to reply for my concern about recent payment to Public mobile and displaying pop up window application figures for more clarification.


My new plan is effective Oct/30/2022. Cost of that plan is $40.00 for 15 Gb ( 6.5 Gb data more than previous plan) and all other features are stay as previous plan #1. It is 30 days plan and no contracts at all. In addition I am an existing customer with you over eight years with 30 days plan as well.

Older plan cost me after tax is $48.59. Once I have updated to same # , Why am I going to cancel the older plan?, Whether I have cancelled or not cancelled , that  only works one plan not works for  two plans for same phone # and one cell device ?

Further the  new plan of  data now I got at least good deal than other older one plan. Still I am confused,  when I have updated my new plan whether Am I going to cancel the old plan or not?


After I have concluded I do not need to cancel  my older plan because of I wait and see  the  next  bank statement.  Immediately after  I have changed into  second plan statement  period of Oct 25 to Nov 24/ 2022. It is not clear at this time  that cost of the plan?, Data limit?, Etc. Because there is no life person we can talk at office.Most of the time Public mobile web page displays wrong information on my account. I.e currently my network is saying used data compare with  my account is saying data is totally different. Sorry  to say that Public mobile never updated our details and plan right away 


Sadly, Public mobile charged two times on period of October 25 to November 24/2022. First one is $48:59 for my older plan and second one for $45:20 for new plan. Luckily or subsequently They took ONLY $37:29 ( after couple of discounts) for period of Nov 25 to Dec/24/2022.


I hope They may return my money back that they took on period of Oct 25 to November 24 amount of $48:59. I can not accept that you or Public mobile is telling the reason that I did not cancel older plan.

Thanks for your reply

K. K. Thevan



This is on a mobile browser:



There's no check mark. You simply click the button to proceed after reading all those dire warnings in the red box. It's much the same on a desktop browser. Or click on no to keep.


Again, are you continuing to be charged twice through your subsequent renewals? Or is your complaint to do with what appears to be an immediate plan change where you pay for the new plan right then? This place and most other prepaid providers don't do prorating. Postpaid providers often do pro-rating. This is a prepaid provider.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi Dust2Dust:

I do have confused part of your explanation:

Please review my question from a to z:

dust to dust mentioned :


" then it would seem the initial answer is correct in that you had done an immediate plan change. In doing so you would have seen a big red box filled with warnings about doing that. It would seem you carried on "

I am replying again:

I did not remember red box. If there red box I should put '✓' check mark. if not How can they charge still 2 times instead of one for one phone two plans and one plan completely overlap the other one?, Still I have mentioned already I renewed 4 days earlier than older one. I don't mind Public mobile charged me  four days for both plans but I don't like mobile charged again another 30 days . It is not any contract . I was with them over seven years. If my memory is correct.

Please send the screenshot of check mark requirements.

Thanks for your reply 


Have you been charged more than once since early December (other than a normal renewal)? Or is your complaint to do with when you changed plans? If you have not been charged more than once since early December then it would seem the initial answer is correct in that you had done an immediate plan change. In doing so you would have seen a big red box filled with warnings about doing that. It would seem you carried on.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi Everyone one :

I tried to send all three statements:

September (22), October (22) and November (22) of in one page. Some reason the system is complaining the picture has huge memory. So It won't be accepted. When the times come I will use different software and will send to this community platform as soon as possible.




Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi Public mobile and community members:

I am assuming all reply was done by customers like me. Once again thanks for all and I hope you all understand my question about over charged by Admin of public mobile.

I am regretfully telling Public mobile never repay my overcharged money yet . 

I do need to show the my statement all my customers now. It is not that mean I am bringing that to public on the other hand I can not directly talk any admin people at Public mobile. As far as I know no phone # answered and location exists only at down town Toronto. I would not think they do deal with overdue problems directly.

Please see my recent statements all Three months . They marked A, B and C.

After this reply I hope Admin of Public mobile will pay money back or admin will tell  and write the reasons for the two  charges for the same # for two plans simultaneously.



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

   when you do a plan change, you have the option to apply the change on the next renewal or immediately. If the plan change is immediate, so are the charges. So may be why you appear to have a double charge, it is due to the off schedule renewal



Dear Will13 am Oracle:

I do not accept your solution, so


First of all I am very very thankful for your reply because you give important to my problem or you want to give at least one solution.

In addition I don't know who you are?. Are you working at Public mobile or any clients of Public mobile, Just like me?

The reply you made to me very reasonable. I am personally encouraging authorized person should reply me right away to me. If they are feeling uncomfortable then they reply me as personal not at common place like this. More than that how everyone reply and trying to sort out without knowing what was happened. Very sadly if no one call or reply or if they are looking only on the money of clients it s not fair for all of us. I am saying administration of Publicmobile of representatives. Because we are living very fascinating and passionate world as North America.


Focusing now  your reply:

"when you do a plan change, you have the option to apply the change on the next renewal or immediately"


Explanation for above  namely MY reply:

1. I do not notice whether or not is there 'option' or not for the next renewal or immediate renewal? I do not remember whether I  have check marked or not.


2.  The one thing I had a sure . It is a contract renewal only MONTHLY basis not any kind of contracts or agreements yearly so on.

3. I had done four days earlier than my original agreement finishes. It means last day of the previous month my new plan is going to start. As well as my older plan is going to be  expired four days after the new plan is going to be implemented.

4. Only Four days , I will have same plan simultaneously. I do not mind Publicmobile charged above four days. That I  have paid already. The money they are talking now coming month for another 30 days for the older plan .

5. The money is taken for the my new plan is  next thirty days so on .. very reasonable. Because I am going to stay with my new plan forever . Annoying way why Public mobile charged end of the last day for my older plan. Like everyone I am always paying prepaid( ahead of 30 days) not post paid.

Your reply again following:


" If the plan change is immediate, so are the charges. So may be why you appear to have a double charge, it is due to the off schedule renewal"


I have tried to answer your reply as  "  It is due to off renewal" ?


Ok . They can take only four days. That I have paid.

I am kindly asking please PLEASE please not taking any money for another month which is mostly Dec 4 - Jan 4 /23( ALREADY YOU TOOK NOV 4 TO Dec 4) because my new plan has started October 30/2022. Now is starting my second month on Nov/30/22.



I don't want confuse you too much and other clients as well.

One thing Public mobile can not charge unnecessarily one month for older month and coming month. The reason why one phone one payment like one man has one heart not has two hearts . Like buying two different day/ night pairs of eye glasses.

Once again thank you for your reply , Will .









@KTThevan , when you do a plan change, you have the option to apply the change on the next renewal or immediately.  If the plan change is immediate, so are the charges.  So may be why you appear to have a double charge, it is due to the off schedule renewal.