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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Top Contributors - January 2020

@darlicious wrote:

@pm-smayer97  That's great to hear. This has caused a lot of confusion and I'm sure for some unnecessary suspensions.

Yes agreed. I pointed that out in my back and forth. Also affects those that try to intentionally and manually suspend their account on the last day ... if they are on AutoPay, they would miss it and their plan would auto-renew a day "earlier" than it says on the screen.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Top Contributors - January 2020

@pm-smayer97 wrote:

It took A LOT of back and forth, MUCH denial and MISSING the point. BUT I am VERY I EVENTUALLY got an acknowledgement. 😕


P.S. Alan_K responded back to me and has passed on all his previous responsibilities to Tiana_V.

Yeah so that confirms it that Alan_K is doing a different role now. But that's why I sent it to both.

Their silence said lack of interest to me. So if they don't care then I don't care.

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