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Learn something new, get certified...get ahead!

Mayor / Maire

Take this opportunity to get some marketable skills during the 'stay home. stay safe' era. Get ahead of the world if you can. I know I will be trying a little of everything! 


There are many things to learn. Tell me about it. I am still learning new things. Did you know you can get yourself certified in YouTube? Really! YouTube Creator wants you to be successful and help the growing community of videos. They will help you make videos with excellent tutorials, help find your target audience and grow your channel. And if you are outstanding—for example, if you can get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in a year, you might get accepted into their monetization program, meaning you could make money on your YouTube channel! Wowza!


For that matter, there is an eight-year-old kid, who was recently named by YouTube as the top earner of 2019 at $26 million for Ryan’s World!



Free Courses

Take as many courses and, if possible, get yourself certified to boost your marketable skills to potential employers or clients (if you are freelancing). Be wary of those extraordinary 1-day intensive adventures where you can get certified in project management. Some Project Management Programs (PMP) are either online with many hours to complete. Other schools have to face-2-face courses expanding to 6 courses in a certificate program. The following are a few examples of career opportunities for you:



Just be sure your finish certified and not certifiable! 🤣


>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

Mayor / Maire

YouTube monetization (and demonetization) is not as happy and friendly and open and fair as it likes to appear.

Anyone can make money on YouTube. With or without any certifications.

Many people try but make no money on YouTube. With or without certifications.


Sometimes it's technical quality, camera, editing, writing, all that. Sometimes it's personality. Or content/message itself. Or how the content/message is presented/said. Sometimes it's luck. Or genius. Or patience. The more you learn the farther you'll get.


But sometimes it's none of those things. YouTube's biased judgements and YouTube's impersonal algorithms maintain a sort of "little Hollywood" industry, the right people and the right content get some big bucks, the wrong people and wrong content never get much of anything, everybody else struggles for scraps. Fame and popularity is fleeting and fickle for most - unless it's proactively created, maintained, and supported by YouTube itself.


If you're into these courses and have a goal to make some money from YouTube then google articles/vids from people talking about how/why their YouTube stuff became huge successes or huge fails. There's good reasons so many quality content producers turn away from YouTube, towards patreon, deviantart, and an ever-growing list of "alternative video streaming providers". Just saying that if you're going to invest time and effort into the goal you should look into pros and cons from more than just the YouTube-certified recruiting perspective.