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Unable to access My Account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have signed in to Community, then tried to access my account. The password was not accepted, so I asked to reset the password. Each time I try I receive an error message.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I've no idea what the alias method is! I was advised to use a private browser, but same thing happens. In checking over some other topics I see many people have had trouble porting and accessing their account. Could be a PM problem?

Mayor / Maire


is your email using the alias method? ie. jsr2125+2@etc? 

that issue was preventing us from resetting the password.

Mayor / Maire

This may or may not be the issue, @jsr2125 , however if you're logging in from a mobile device with stored/remembered credentials which auto-fill, let them auto-fill, then the system will try to log you in automatically once they auto-fill.


If your system does this, DO NOT tap the log in button as it'll deliver an error message every time and not allow account access.

Mayor / Maire

The two logins are completely separate. One has no effect on the other.

At what point do you get the error? Going into the page? After entering addresses? Do you get an email? Does the reset fail then?

Mayor / Maire


Clear the cache and go incognito on your browser and login on a laptop or desktop computer.

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