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New Customer Promos

Mayor / Maire

So Black Friday “Second Month Free” ended yesterday and quite possibly the “2GBPROMO” did as well? At this moment in time there is nothing extra for New Customers? We’ve seen this before after Black Friday but only for a few days and then something else appears. Maybe tomorrow morning will be another weekend Flash Sale? Working on using up my two (I have two phones/accounts) $30 Referral Bonuses! A little surprised about the “1 per customer” part of this. Wasn’t that long ago they had $25 referral credits that you received all at once and could refer as many as possible until it expired.




Hmmm, still no promotion currently? This is unprecedented during December for the three years (4 Decembers now) I have been here. Am I just not finding it since the 2GB bonus and second month free promo ended? I do have a habit of missing some of the promotions.



Mayor / Maire

I'm with ya, @AE_Collector 


Waiting on a subsequent limited time offering in the coming weeks to potentially bundle with this current offer.


It's a great time to join PM.... soon...