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What Is Your Experience With Payments On Self Serve (

Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired

We're interested in hearing about your experiences using Public Mobile's Self Serve, particularly when it comes to making payments. For instance, what have you experienced when: 


  • Registering your credit card
  • Registering for AutoPay
  • One-time payments through credit or VISA debit cards / payment vouchers
  • Changing AutoPay amount
  • Any other comments are welcomed!

Feel free to share your stories and give us all of the glorious and / or gory details by responding directly to this thread. Just remember... please don't share any personal information!


We want to hear from you Smiley Happy


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Works well enough as it is. The 2-step process to buying addons is a bit silly, though (same as Koodo's prepaid). When using a CC, we should be able to buy addons directly (charged straight to the registered CC) instead of adding funds to the account first and THEN buying said addon. This doesn't apply to vouchers, obviously.

Apart from that, can't really fault it.

There can always be improvements here and there. Also, Public Mobile needs to seriously STOP duplicating Koo all the time. This is not the game of shadows, Nor the League of Shadows. We need something Unique at least

Hello Mat,

My experience with the online account has been generally positive, notwithstanding 2 problems. The first, which I believe has been corrected, was that the servers were so slow that my sessions timed-out. The second occurred from late December 2014 to mid-January 2015. I had a CC on file that I removed in lieu of another one. As hard as I tried, I could not register the second card. I used the CC company's format in addressing mail to me. Failure! I then used PM's example. Failure! I called the CC company and learned that PM had made no attempts to debit my card. That means that PM servers had rejected my card, regardless of format used. About 2 weeks later, I tried with a second card from the same CC company. The mailing address was identical to the first, and the results were the same, namely, failure. Not wishing to spend my time on futile attempts, I used the original card that had been on file. I was successful on the first attempt. Go figure!

Mayor / Maire



Making payments has been easy and smooth for me. I have used mastercard and vouchers. Both processed fairly quickly and added funds to my account quickly. There is a bit of a lag when its processing, it is by no means instant. The process to add funds is clearly laid out. 




@Naepalm you dug up a 5-year-old thread?!?!?!  As you can see the OP no longer works for PM that is why they have the retired tag

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Its super intersting to read. 

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