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old reward program

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

How can I send a complain against the change to the new program


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

You're valid about being upset here is a list of actions you can take.

-First contact Public Mobile about this then file your complaints with CCTS,
New customers say that you have felt cheated by the 2-tier system and demand to have the old rewards system returned.
Old customers say that Public Mobile has broken their customer support promise to keep the old rewards system.
-Contact CRTC and to any more regulators that are available.
-Question the new changes under the announcement.
-Make a new post calling out Public Mobile in the forums.
-Write to your MP/MPP/MLA that you were taken advantage of in the Public Mobile false advertising situation and say that you want more competitive phone plans to match the Quebec and Saskatchewan markets.
-If someone has the means or is a lawyer please start a class action lawsuit against Telus.
-Contact the Press.
-Tell your friends and family about how Public Mobile betrayed the old rewards customers.
-Threaten to switch carriers that are not Public Mobile, Koodo or Telus.
-Use every tool in the box to fight against this unacceptable situation.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@Ewolf - First things first send a message to support all above:

⬇️Click the link for an Agent * ⬇️

If the link above doesn’t work, please go here to create a ticket to CS_Agent:

* - CS_Agent will typically get back to you within 48 hours. They work 7 days a week from 9 AM to 10 PM EST.  You will be required to login to your Public Mobile Community Account to contact CS_Agent. Once you are finished making the ticket with CS_Agent, please ensure that you monitor for an agent because they may notify you asking for some information via Private Message, in your mailbox by clicking this link here: Messages

Second things second let me tell you what the agents will say "No" but the CCTS will bring on the game with your complaint:

Haha, mixed Believer from Imagine Dragons into this post 🤣

Mayor / Maire

@Ewolf  First you have to try and resolve it with support . Then when they deny you you contact CCTS . But honestly there’s no point PM reserves the right to change  the rewards program and hike plan prices when ever they want . Even thou it’s greedy and unethical . It is what it is big corporations putting the screws to its customers . Nothing new here . It sux but we all in the  same boat . What’s best is if you can find better deal somewhere else and jump ship that’s the only want to not be bullied by big business 

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