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Samsung A52-5G Today only - new pc optimum offer (New post)

Mayor / Maire

Today only! If you have been in the market for the Samsung A52-5G and you are a pc optimum member whose been saving up your points for good electronics deal then today is the day.


SDM has a today only offer: Spend $150+online before taxes and redemptions earn 50,000 points =$50 

Bonus redemption days: 200,000 points ($200) redeem for $300 value, 100,000 points ($100) redeem for $140 value.

Samsung A52-5G SDM regular price $659 currently on sale at Samsung Canada $659 - $100=$559


3 possible redemption strategies:


  1. Redeem 200k+100k=$440  $659 - $440=$219 earn 50,000+10,000* regular points=60,000 points ($60) net cost: $300+$219=$519 - $60=$459+taxes on the original $659 price 
  2. Redeem 200k+200k=$600  $659 - $600=$59 earn 10,000* points regular points=$10 net cost $400+$59=$459 - $10=$449+taxes on the original $659 price
  3. As above #2 but add $91** in purchases before tax to your order to recieve the 50,000 points so you could consider the net cost as above $449 - $50=$399+original price taxes

*I would have to confirm if regular points are earned on the entire price or just the non-redemption cost.

**Choose sale items with bonus points and/or use personal offers to earn additional points. Clearance and sale items in the beauty department are up to 50% off with up to 25,000 points back. Rakuten offers 1% rebate on beauty. Register with a referral for a $30 rebate on purchases over $30.


Mayor / Maire

How much money you have to spend to get all those points???


Not as much as you think. A regular 20×points offer at SDM is 30% back in points+stacking of offers. Stacking of offers at no frills or RCSS with pc express offers can start at 30% back in points and unlike SDM they allow you to earn points on points redeemed. One of the best points offers I used several times over was 1700 points ($1.70)on every $1 spent. After my first $40(64,000 points back=$64) purchase I returned 4 more days over the following week redeeming $40 worth of the previous points earned to earn an additional 64,000 points each time. 90% of my purchases were donated to the food bank. I earned $120 of points as profit on top of the product recieved.

Mayor / Maire


I realize my second post went off topic....but if the oracles are going to continue to move  phone and pm related posts to the lounge can you not come together as a team and ask @J_PM  to edit and properly describe the lounge from its current poor description of anything not phone related!! 


If oracles continue to use their personal opinions to dictate what is lounge worthy despite what previous community managers have determined and even a completely revamped community with the three boards that the Oracle Team wanted with clearly defined perimeters can't keep your fingers out of the community pie then maybe all that will remain in the near future is a community support model full of copy and paste answers, sign pointers, gamers, reward seeking competitors and a lot of customers going straight to the customer support team to resolve their issues.


All fluff and no substance......the community got an expensive face lift but nothing has really changed. The squeaky wheels got the grease at the expense of the entire rest of the train!!🤔

@darlicious, the descriptions of the sections do need to be updated but that isn't something I can do.  When we were told it was going to the three sections of Announcements, Get Support and The Lounge.  Get Support was exactly that get support with your PM service and The Lounge was where other discussions would go.  A sale on a phone is not a PM-related service issue.  How is this thread PM service Related?  As for your squeaky wheel comment, I would say you have been that squeaky wheel at times.


I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *

Mayor / Maire

For a brief time after launch there was a Phones & Hardware category. I said something to Jade about instructing the almighty Oracles to keep their paws out of there. The category was summarily yanked. Here we are. Wha'd'ya know.

Mayor / Maire


So saving a customer money....possibly considerable money and by redeeming points on a high value item isn't providing support? Taking the time to work out the math so a customer logging into the community and seeing a topic on the phone they might be interested in and clicking on it to discover that in the matter of 5 minutes after reading the post they can order a phone and have it shipped for free. They save $260 off the msrp of $659 and $160 off samsung's sale price of $559.


I'm sure @rossputin would not have taken 6 months to finally pull the trigger on his purchase of the same phone if presented with the offer and @allagelman would be a much happier customer to not still be waiting for a refund a month later on his disappointing purchase of a pm CPO phone. And we wouldn't want to reward members for taking the time to write an original post that might make the community an interesting forum to visit to read up on related mobile phone topics that helps drive traffic to the site and increase the possibility of them becoming pm customers.


It must be nice to be rewarded no matter what you do whereas no matter what I do to contribute original content that I believe helps provide support to customers an Oracle can decide it shouldn't be rewarded. So should I whip out my version of a laundry list to post in every thread whether I post first or last or both? 2 minutes, 2 hours or 2 days later in order to earn my community reward? Or should I secretly create my own bravo squad so that every reply I post receives 4 or 5 bravos within minutes? Just imagine how many more posts I could average per month than my usual 750? 1500 I'm sure would be easy to achieve if not more? Multiply that by 3 or 4 and I could break all time bravo records easily achieving 5000+ bravos a month!!

@darlicious, putting the thread in The lounge is still helping people.  We were told the new Get Support Section was for getting help with your PM service.  Finding a phone on a deal doesn't fit in there.  It does fit in The Lounge where it will still help people.  Very few people come to the site before they are a customer, and again if they do they can still read the thread in its current location.

As for your comment about it must be nice to get rewarded no matter what I do. It doesn't matter what I do it is a no-win situation.  I move a thread and get complaints about why I moved it and am called overbearing and overzealous.  I leave some info or a post and get complaints I haven't moved it or how can we let it stay.  If you don't think the Oracles are totally frustrated with what we see in the community and how things are turning you are wrong.  Two wrongs won't make a right.  If you want to set Bravo records then you are obviously here for yourself and not helping customers and I will do what I do when I see potential gaming that is all I can do.


I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *


Sorry I forgot you need a /s to detect sarcasm.


I guess I will do as you do to get your point across.