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one time $10 credit

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My husband and I were referred to Public Mobile by the same person, and we both signed up on the same date. We each received a text message stating that we would each receive a $10 credit.  My husband's account was credited with the $10 but my account was not credited with the $10.




Mayor / Maire

It can take up to 72 hours for the credit.  If you you still have not received it the submit a ticket to a moderator by clicking on the bubble on the bottom right.


Strange you didn't get it the same day as your husband. Follow @Triguy 's advice if you don't recieve it within 72 hours. If for some reason the referral code was not added to your account it would be perfectly reasonable to add your husband's referral code so he gets the monthly $1 reward.

Mayor / Maire

the credit you will see it at your account up to 72 hours to post it ,


  • AutoPay Reward: $2/30 days.
  • Refer a Friend: $1/30 days for each friend you refer
  • plus, your friend receives a one-time credit of $10.

Mayor / Maire

@HollyCleroux16  If you waited more than 72 hours, you can open a ticket with Mod and they should have no problem adding back to you:


you can get to ticket opening quicker this way:


  1. Type: My rewards are missing,
  2. click on Refer A friend, 
  3. then click on "Yes, I'm the referred customer',  
  4. and then click "Click here to submit a ticket" . 
  5. You will then brought to another page and will ask you to logon with your Community credentials.  Follow the page to finish opening the ticket.


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