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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I can't get past page 2 of activation.  It seems to be stuck on "check eligibility" of phone number, which is current and I am presently using, plus stuck on alternate number, which is my current landline



Mayor / Maire

@LindaP @Hi have you tried the live chat


@LindaP , the activation portal can be finicky at times.  Try clearing browser cache or using incognito mode, perhaps different browser.  

Mayor / Maire

@LindaP wait 50 minutes from last attempt, clear your browser history, go to private/ incognito mode and try again to activate your SIM card.  Which provider are you trying to port from? If its Koodo prepaid or a PC Mobile account you have to activate with a temporary cell phone number and contact the moderators to port.  Stay safe. 


Note to port, your old providers account must be active. The port will close it once its completed. 


Here's 3 articles on activation and porting and the Refer a friend reward  if you need them:

1.How to activate
2.How to port
3. Refer a friend

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have already changed browsers but don't know how to clear my cache. How do you do that?


@LindaP  here's  a link on how to clear your browser history

@LindaP  What browser are you using? Just look for history and select clear browsing data.

@LindaP . Your issue is likely "Alternate number"


Leave it blank! You can add one later in self serve account.


Notice on screenshot below. Alternate Phone number is kind of greyed out a bit and it does not have a red * next to it like the other fields.


Please try activating again and leave that field blank.


Also don't forget a referral code for a $10 signup bonus!





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