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Wost Service Ever - Cancel your account before you end up like me

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

We lost the account info for Self Service- and lost the phone.  Now 4 months later we are still getting billed and we can't stop it - no human to contact and nobody in this community is active unless they are trying to get you into a contest or something. No help what so ever - contacting BBB and our laywer next to see what we can do. Simply the worst experience I have ever gone through since having a cell phone over 25 years now.  I will never go with these people again or ever recommend them to anyone .  Get out now before you end up like me!


Mayor / Maire

You need a community account to request help from us (fellow customers) or from CSA’s (PM employees). Your community account was created yesterday. I’m not sure how you have been working in this for 4 months. You have almost instantly received the info you need from us to cancel your account since posting here yesterday.


I am not aware of any arrangement at PM to withdraw monthly funds directly from your bank account. Maybe some arrangement I am not up to speed on. This makes me wonder if you are enquiring at the correct provider here?



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

We don't have a PM User ID or any login info, and we have been tring to get someone to talk to with Simon but he kept needing verification info to proceed which we don't have.  That was a loop we went in over and over again trying every question we could answer only to get "We need to Verify"..... so no messages got anywhere or to anyone for the last few months.  I finally setup this account to get into the community - which is not the actual account holder - I am doing this for my Step Mother which has no idea about this setup or anything.  It isn't setup from a credit card, it is the bank and we tried putting a stop payment on it - only to have the back ignore it and they still get paid each month.  STOP TELLING ME TO GO TO SIMON - I NEED A HUMAN - I DON"T HAVE THE INFO HE REQUIRES:  Account holder: Ixxxx Dxxxx and Phone Number 709-xxx-xxxx


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@FlyingFitz  there is no human to talk to.. All support is online


Please try this to open ticket.  For method 1, type in exactly what I show you and you can get to open ticket right a  way.  Or method 2 for direct message

(Just make sure you come back and check your Community inbox after you open the ticket)



1. Click on the bubble in the lower right corner and request Cusstomer Support Agent assistance, or you can also use this direct link instead Start with typing "Submit a ticket",

click on "Contact Us",

click on "Other" from the choices,

click "Click here to submit a ticket" then Follow the prompts to submit a ticket.

2. Or you can Send a private message to the CS Agent here:

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


IOf you forgot or want to modify your Self Serve email, you will need to contact a Customer Support Agent.

*Please keep in mind that your Community and Self Serve email address must be the same, so if you earn a Community Reward, you can get it applied to your account.



>> SO I can't get into the support needed - How do I do that without the login info?:

@FlyingFitz  please follow my step by step instructions to open ticket with PM.


First ask them about the My Account.  Ask them if you have setup one yet.  If so, ask them to confirm what email address used and reset password


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Good Luck - We have been getting billed for 4 months now and still can't get it cancelled without the account info that we lost.  Tell all your friends how terrible this serivce is and hopefully loss of people will spark a change in this FRUSTRATING and IMPOSSIBLE task of getting access back and cancelling your account so you don't get billed.  Wondering how many other people they bill monthly but they Can't cancel.  If this doesn't get solved for you - please message me and we can get together for a PUBLIC LAWSUIT!

@FlyingFitz  first, this is an old thread from close to a year ago


second, if you have taken the proper step to create a My Account/Self-serve , then you would be able to logon to the Self-serve portal to stop the Autopay or remove the credit card.  There is no scam here.  If the user does not follow the proper step themselves, it won't make a successful case.   


I understand you try to get contact with support directly.  But Support here is all online.  It is said clearly on the website.  It is the user responsibility to understand the service they are signing up to.


We are trying to help you on your own thread and hope we can get you on My Account so you can stop your Autopay and remove the credit card on the system.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have done everything any moderators said - submitted a ticket - but that is all the same replies - direct message or submit a ticket -that is what i have done with no help whatsoever so far from many messages .... why is it so hard to reset account info - and who can actually do that - doensn't seem like anyone in this forum can?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
Another person getting billed for months and can't cancel.... I am sure may of these will be piling up - please message me if you are in the same boat. I will collect all info and we can tackle this together.
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