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The Community's Public Mobile Wishlist

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

We all have our wants and needs that we expect from public mobile and from time to time they make an announcement and ask for our imput. It then gets buried in the announcement board until the next time they make an announcement. Thanks to @gancanny posting his question today i thought that having a running thread of members wishes for their service maybe pm's @Alan_K and @Catherine_T can check in on it every once in awhile and see what wishes are actually feasible and cost effective and implement them. You never know your wish may come true! I know under @Tiana_V  time at public mobile ive had a couple of my wishes come true!


A few suggestions when posting your wish.......

  1. Avoid repetitive wishes if its already been posted or elaborate on it. How can it be implemented? Cost savings? Examples of it in other platforms?
  2. Bravo the suggestions you agree with or think are practical or useful for the many.
  3. Keep your wish in the realm of possibilities.....weve all heard those who want unlimited data throttled to 128kbps but that just isnt going to happen here anytime soon......

Go ahead throw your penny in the fountain......and happy wishing! Maybe yours will come true...

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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

My wish would be for them do a payment system overhaul and make autopay bulletproof. Mabey even offer other payment methods.


@maximum_gato I agree with you. I wish Public Mobile returned to the way it was Pre-Pandemic.

I joined during the start of the pandemic and I got a taste of the frequent promos and none of this email junk. Im sad that Public does promos like this now.


My last wish if for them to make *611 require a PIN when adding funds to your account.


My wishes are big but these wishes will make Public Mobile a great service. I am mosly wishing towards them changing to the way they were Pre-Pandemic.

@ShawnC13  always negative Nancy I see..🙄


@maximum_gato I think this post is great.


Wish list - 


1- I would like to see a Canada wide calling ONLY plan. I have grandparents in there 80s and don't do the text / data thing.


Koodo offers similar already. But it's for home phone with a device. $5 a month for the  first year. $20 after....I'd be happy if it was same as Koodo $20 since PM has the reward system autopay would already bring it to $18.


2- Wishful thinking but it would be nice if the community reward system is really overhauled and fixed. Currently it does not matter if you post detailed responses or one liners. If you post correct or incorrect info. All that matters is basically just post as much as you can and get Bravo's and you'll earn something.. I'd like to see this fixed one day before the year 2025 lol.


When you have someone with a total of 8 posts asking a question when signing up and 4 of those posts say "thank you" earning a $1 reward. There's a problem somewhere....



3-  I was also thinking something along the lines of @Naepalm post regarding referral.


Mine was more along the lines of PM displaying a members referral for a week on the webpage and blasting it out on there social media platforms. Like -between Aug 1st to 8th use referral code ZZZZZ for a $10 signup bonus.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


I believe you get a wish per coin tossed.....

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Your first wish would be to return to the public mobile promotion pre-pandemic. Thats the way it used to be until this new register your email secret promotion non marketing flash sale of late. Hopefully they return to the traditional announce on a friday end on the sunday/monday flash sale.


Your second wish is a good idea but i wouldnt want to limit it....just give everyone the opportunity  to enter their referral code if they wish and its randomly generated lottery style spitting out referral codes.



a wish would be that when promotions come up there would be more than one way a customer could receive it. A simple fix would be anyone that activates between a certain time period would receive the promotion regardless if they knew it or not. 


Instead of input your email here and register with the same email before said date. 


This would help in two ways. One of those that didn't know about the promotion would get a nice surprise. And secondly, there wouldn't be as many issues with people confused if they will get the promotion because they didn't know all the terms of the promotion. 


2. Another thing would be regarding the referral. All top contributors from 50% up to 1% would have their referral key inputted into a bucket including oracles. And anytime a new customer signs up it would prompt, do you have a referral? If not use, one of the randomly generated referrals below. And it would have those referrals in the bucket randomized.


This way the new customer would get a perk and also incentivize us to contribute more on here as well and give a referral bonus once in a while. 🙂 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@maximum_gato wrote:


Well it is a wishlist......vs the ideas lab which gjves the impression it might happen. At least now when a suggestion is made thats wishful thinking we can at least direct the member to put it on the wishlist. Its like playing the lottery......


Now im wishing.........that no one thinks were bickering.....

Too late, I'm reachin' for the "Report" button right now! 🤣

Mayor / Maire

A fully functioning / reliable /easy-to-set-up Autopay would be an asset. Seems like complaints of "autopay fail" is a weekly (or more) event. I know that in a lot of cases, the problem is expired credit cards...but others report autopay failure for no apparent reason.

That's my 2 pennies spent.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Well it is a wishlist......vs the ideas lab which gjves the impression it might happen. At least now when a suggestion is made thats wishful thinking we can at least direct the member to put it on the wishlist. Its like playing the lottery......


Now im wishing.........that no one thinks were bickering.....


Public Mobile had an area for this it was called the Ideas Lab.  They did away with that as it became not only repetitive but dis-heartening for the members who would constantly bring up great ideas that were never looked into or followed through to implementation.  Instead Public Mobile decided to every once and while to reach out to the community for ideas when they felt they had the ability/capacity to work on new ideas for the service.  Creating a thread such as this is going to have the same outcome as the Ideas Lab.   While always dreaming of improvements is a great thing, I do think Public Mobile will come to us when they are in a position to be working on new things.


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