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Strange Text Delay Issue

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey everyone,

I have a strange texting issue and I can't figure out if it's on my end or the other person's end, and it it doesn't happen with anyone else, so I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced similar. Basically, every few weeks, my texts will appear as sent on my end, but the other party does not receive them until about 3 days later. We text pretty frequently just fine, then out of nowhere we can't make contact until those days pass. This has happened several times at this point. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's frustrating and puzzling... I've never heard of anything like this. Also, they are international if that helps. Does anyone have any thoughts on what the cause could be, if it's a PM problem, or how to rectify this? Thanks so much.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


You could bring this issue up with moderators by using the "?" on the bottom of the screen to have someone look into it. It could harder to troubleshoot since they are international texts. Have you tried using message apps such WhatsApp to keep in touch? If you do not need to reply right away or have a large amount of data, you could even wait until you have Wifi to use the apps.



@TheMobileCat When you have trouble sending or receiving SMS, it's possible that a ”force" change of your SMS settings may solve the issue.  

• Go to Settings

• Then go to Mobile networks and select a network other than Public Mobile, Telus, or Koodo

• When you exit the menu the phone should lose the network.

• Repeat the process and select Public Mobile as your mobile network.

This procedure will force the update of the message centre number. You can verify it in your message settings.


An article SMS delays:


Do either, or both, of you use iPhones? If so, be sure setup is optimum: Settings >> Messages >> iMessage ON, Send as SMS ON, MMS ON >> Send & Receive: should show phone number and Apple ID email; tick phone number.

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

They use an iPhone and confirmed those settings are on, and I tried changing the network then reconnecting as suggested, we'll see what happens, only time will tell if that had any impact or not. Thanks for the suggestion.

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