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ROAMINg - Europe

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I know there is NO specific "roaming function" (except when travelling in the U.S.A.) in Europe.
If I am in Europe, I cannot make any call, nor send any SMS.
HOWEVER, I would like to receive a CLEAR and COMPLETE answer to my following question:
If I travel in EUROPE (Belgium, Switzerland, France), can I at least RECEIVE:
- phone calls
- SMS/textos messages

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions

@pmnc  NO. 


If you just need to forwarding voice, you don't need to plug-in, always on.  Just forward the voice to VoIP phone number, you can turn off the phone


You  ONLY need to do plug-in, turn on and Wifi on all the time when you are away IF you want to do text forwarding using app.  

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Mayor / Maire

@pmnc NO.  You cannot receive calls or text on your PM SIM, number


The only work around is to use a VoIP app like TextNow.  TextNow will give you a regular 10 digits number like a real number.  People can call and text you via that number.  You can receive calls and text as well as long as you have Wifi or Mobile Data.  With Mobile Data, get local prepaid data there, it is cheap in Europe


Please note that 2FA text will usually  cannot be sent to VoIP number

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Not at all a solution for me.
I already use TextNow (among others...).
My question does relate to organisations, people, registered accounts mentioning my Public-Mobile phone number and which/who cannot change that number unless I go through a lot of checking steps which I do not want.
I really do need to receive phone calls or AT LEAST texts-messages/SMS on my present-actual phone number from Public-Mobile.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Therefore, one of theses days, I will have to cancel my Public-Mobile subscription (changing for something more useful and really working)  because, when travelling, it's TOO MUCH an hassle and a pain in the neck for me.

@pmnc   If roaming is critical, then yes, Koodo and Telus might be your choice.


But roaming is not cheap.  So, it's your call


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Doesn't matter if it's incoming or outgoing unfortunately, you can't do it with PM. With that said even other provider can be quite pricey for roaming in Europe, so you may want to go the route @softech suggests or actually purchase a local prepaid sim where you are going as it will not only be reliable but much more cost effective 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I already know all that (roaming is expensive) and that I can buy a SIM card from Europe (already done that several times).
Again, that's not the question...
The question is that I must be reachable in roaming with my Public-Mobile number.
AT ANY price.
Which is not possible, I've seen.
Therefore, in the midterm, I won't be able to stay with PM.

@pmnc still not what you want the most, forward your PM number to the VOIP app.  It works for voice but not text.  Not sure if that works for you.  🙂

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hmmm... Maybe...
i "usually" do think about that kind of option...
This time... I didn't !!! 🤔 🙄
OK! I'm going to try BEFORE departure!!
Thanks again.

Mayor / Maire


As mentioned the workaround is to call forward your pm phone number to your voip phone number. All incoming calling will go to your voip app and ring thru to your phone while on WiFi or mobile data with a local or international sim card. This can be done on the cheapest pm plan the $15 if you will be away for most of or more than 30 days depending on the timing of your renewal and you wish to schedule a change plan on next renewal to save on the cost of a more expensive plan.


Text forwarding is possible but a little more onerous. Download a text forwarding app like Mighty Text. Set up the text forwarding. Then place the pm sim card in a working cell phone that is left powered on and plugged into a charger so that it never accidently powers down. SMS texts will be forwarded to your phone or can be accessed via the internet by signing into your Mighty Text account.





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