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Ported number into Public Mobile incoming calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Ported number into public mobile from Bell ALiant and all services are working except incoming calls.  Contacted Bell and they advised it is an issue with public mobile.


Mayor / Maire

 @DBoulter : Did you leave the Bell SIM in the phone to reply to the confirmation text? Did you restart the phone?

Mayor / Maire



Incoming calls are typically the last of the calling services to function when porting a number from another provider.


Here's an information article on porting:


What tends to help the process along, after replying YES to the port authorization, is to:


  • reboot device
  • remove and reinsert SIM card
  • toggle airplane mode off/on
  • reset network connections


Mayor / Maire


When you ported over from Bell, did you leave the Bell SIM and wait for the SMS text from them to confirm with a YES that you are porting over to PM? You have 90 minutes window to confirm.
If you missed the window to confirm, you will need to create a ticket on the SIMon Chat button to the PM moderator to restart the porting process for you.

Meanwhile, your Bell SIM is still active so you can continue using the Bell SIM until the moderator contact you.