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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Why my payment increased the 32 to 45?


Mayor / Maire

@Rosy5 wrote:

Why my payment increased the 32 to 45?

What plan are you on? Can you log into self service and tell us what plan you are on (Plan Details). Are you a new customer? You can also look at your payment/transaction history.

Mayor / Maire

@Rosy5 wrote:

Why my payment increased the 32 to 45?

Did your previous payment include a $10 bonus for a referral ? When did you activate your account. Did you use someones referral code ?

Mayor / Maire

@Rosy5   What plan do you have?


Please check the Transaction History from My Account.  Maybe you can share the transaction from last 2 months and we can see if it makes sense.

Mayor / Maire


Explain your issue to Contact Customer Support Agent by  ,
they can solve your issue, they are nice service Team the will help you 100%.


Here’s How To Contact Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent, and Submit a Ticket 

  • Get help with your account the easy way by starting a conversation with our virtual assistant, SIMon. It’ll take you to relevant help articles, or if it’s something more urgent, it can help you submit a ticket to Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent,Click Here to get started.


  • or you can send a private message to Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent, by Click Here
  • You’ll need to be logged in to your Community account for the link to work.


  • please include in your message,
  • your account number, 
  • your phone number,
  • your account 4 digit pin,
  • your Email address,


  • Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent, will Response to your inbox by private message 
     Check your private message inbox (click on the envelope top right of your screen)

         Good Luck

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

- Initial price might include $10 bonus?

- Lack of of rewards due to inactivity in Community?

- Few referrals cancelled service?

- Accidental change of plan?


If you could provide screen print of your account/plan it might be easier to figure out...

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