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Paid up manually, updated card info, service still not working, please assist.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I lost my debit card over the holidays, and before I could replace it, Public Mobile attempted to withdraw funds for my plan, but could not. I have since paid for my plan manually with $13 extra on my account, and have updated my card information, but my plan is still not active and I cannot make or receive calls on my phone. My service is not working. I have waited over half an hour, and still nothing. Is there NO way to chat to someone real, in some way? Please assist asap.


@itsmel2 wrote:

Thank you everyone, again, for all of your help. A moderator named Oana re-activated the phone and it is now working again. I really appreciate all your ideas, in the meantime.

If I have, in fact, lost that AutoPay reward when I switched cards, then will it automatically be restored as a reward, now that the phone has been re-activated also?

@itsmel2 Changing cards should not affect your AutoPay reward. If your AutoPay reward is not being applied then submit another ticket to Public and ask them to apply it.

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